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We saw this coming…

Postmates Driver Sues Lizzo For Her Viral Twitter & False Allegations

Lizzo and her old tunes are dominating the charts three years later and stand to break Billboard records and help her collect bag after bag. Her upcoming shows are selling out coast to coast. She recently had her feature film debut in “Hustlers” alongside J-Lo & Cardi B. She’s having the time of her life and in the spotlight well on to becoming a megastar. With that process comes lessons, you live and learn. One lesson she’s learning is when you’re blowing up EVERYBODY will be ready to sue you for ANYTHING. She was first was called out and threatened with legal action for allegedly stealing one of her hit songs. Now a tweet from back in September will serve as Lizzo’s first nonmusic related “scandal” as she blasted a Postmates driver for stealing her food.

Seems harmless but that isn’t how the Postmates driver whose picture was shared to Lizzo’s 1.2 million twitter followers. As previously reported the Tiffany Wells said she was doing her job trying to get the order to Lizzo’s Boston Hotel but was unsuccessful. Tiffany says she called the number listed and never got an answer and Postmates instructed her to move on to her next order. Postmates sided with her over the ordeal but Tiffany says Lizzo and her social media post did more damage to her than we know. Lizzo has apologized but this ordeal is far from over. TMZ reports, Tiffany wants compensation for the viral personal attack on her and is going to pursue legal action.

Tiffany says she’s received threats and is concerned for her safety. She no longer works for Postmates because of the Lizzo incident. She says she lives in fear and is subject to ridicule and humiliation, along with stress and anxiety.

We all know mental health is important and with that it’s highly likely that everything Tiffany is claiming is 100% true. “Stans” of artists have no shame and will attack as soon as they are given the info of the victim. That’s a hard situation for anyone especially when your job is driving to people’s homes, and to work where strangers may very well be aware of who you are. Tiffany is suing for “defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress”.

Let’s be honest she 100% has a good case. We’re almost certain she has death threats and videos of the hate spewed her way to go along with her proof of her not doing anything wrong. She already has the support of Postmates so it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out!


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