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Michael Drejka Sentenced 20 Years For Killing Markeis McGlockton

Go to jail. Do not pass “go”. Do not collect $200.

Michael Drejka, the Florida crazy who shot Markeis McGlockton dead in a convenience store parking lot was sentenced to 20 years in prison according to Denton Daily.

BOSSIP reported on this story back in August when Drejka was first convicted. Drejka confronted Markeis’ girlfriend Britany Jacobs and began to berate her over a handicapped parking space while her boyfriend was in the store. When Markeis ran out to defend Britany, Drejka shot him on the spot. Drejka’s hack lawyer tried to argue that his client was simply “standing his ground” after Markeis pushed him. The judge said that defense was a crock of s#!t.

Circuit Judge Joseph Bulone called 49-year-old Michael Drejka a “wanna-be” law enforcement officer and a self-appointed “handicapped parking space monitor.”

He went on to say:

The judge said he found it most ironic that Drejka drove up, illegally parked next to Jacobs’ car and then confronted her about parking illegally in a handicapped space.

Ain’t THAT bout a b!t¢h???

“There are no words to fully describe what his loss has done to our family,” said Jacobs, who had four children with McGlockton. “Our youngest two children will never have memories of their daddy.”

Rest in peace to Markeis McGlockton. Rest in hell to Michael Drejka.


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