Eva Marcille Slams Kenya Moore

#RHOA Shade Files: Eva Marcille Blasts ‘Bully’ Kenya Moore Over THIS

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Eva Marcille Slams Kenya Moore

Eva Marcille knows you think she went too hard at Kenya Moore on the most recent episode of RHOA and she’s issuing a response. As previously reported fans (and Kenya) were big mad to hear Eva make a comment about Kenya having a “late in life” baby.

“Welcome to motherhood, ladies,” said Eva. “I know [she’s] having a late-in-life baby, but welcome, over the hill. This is what happens.”

This was, of course, some retaliatory shade after Kenya took offense to Eva not bringing her kids to baby Brooklyn’s presentation party. Kenya then followed up during the episode with some shade of her own after re-gifting the doll she received from Eva to Porsha.

“I feel like you’re making a problem with me, and there isn’t a problem,” Kenya told Eva. “You don’t want a problem with me. Trust me,” said Kenya.

Now Eva’s clapping back and accusing Kenya of “playing the victim.” Eva sat down with Mz Shyneka on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show to give her side of what really went down. According to Eva, she wasn’t throwing shots at Kenya about motherhood and instead was just pointing out that she did have a “geriatric pregnancy.”

“Kenya to me started it and it happens often. One of the young ladies will start a beef and someone will respond and they will get upset and cry victim when you respond in a manner that they don’t appreciate,” said Eva. “Anything after 35 is clinically considered a geriatric pregnancy. So to say someone is having a later in life baby is a nice way of saying you’re having a baby after the clinical time doctors think is the optimal time to have a child. No one’s throwing a dig, now if you are offended that you had a baby later in life then that’s your personal beef.”

She also brought up Marlo Hampton who also took offense to Eva making another pregnancy comment. Marlo was apparently BIG mad when Eva left Cynthia Bailey’s Bailey-Q because of the stress of the situation and Eva quipped that Marlo wouldn’t understand because she’s “never been pregnant.”

“I don’t have real beef with Marlo, Marlo just got a mouth,” said Eva. “This season I’m pregnant and I don’t have time for the drama so when Marlo comes around I’m leaving, I have a baby in utero. Her question to me was ‘Why are you running? ‘I said, ‘I’m not running, I have a child in my stomach, but you wouldn’t understand that cause you’re not a mom.’ If that’s the dig then I got a couple more shovels. I don’t think that’s a dig.”

Eva also emphasized that her words are often taken out of context—do YOU agree???

Marlo was BIG mad about Eva’s pregnancy shade.

“Disgusting, 😡as if she knows my medical history…. and they say I go below the belt”

Kenya had more to say about Eva. She can’t understand why her friend Cynthia Bailey is still friends with Eva. Mind you, Eva allegedly spread a rumor that Cynthia previously paid a man to date her.

Here’s the full clip of Eva, Kenya and Marlo going at it. (2:08)

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