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Artist Exposes Mayo Opportunist YesJulz For Signing Him Then Going MIA

If you haven’t heard of YesJulz shes a former Miami nightlife person who “brings vibes” to spaces and takes opportunities from people of color with the resume full of “vibes.” For the majority of 2019 shes probably came across your timeline getting flamed to smithereens for appropriating black culture. You know the type, white chick, smedium buttocks, box braids and post on Instagram and twitter then doesn’t understand why anyone is upset. The “my boyfriend is black”, “I have black friends”, “anyone who knows me..” type with all the thirsty black males rushing to defend the expired milk as if their life depended on it. Yup that’s her.

Every time she’s in any spotlight its never for the work just the dramatics of her actions. According to one twitter user, she is exactly who everyone thought she was; a bust.

A member of the 070 group which features GOOD Music breakout 070 Shake, Treee Safari went to twitter and Instagram to expose YesJulz for allegedly finessing her into a contract and running off. Also claims she signed her and won’t let her drop music and when she tries to talk about being released Julz says to get a lawyer to contact her knowing she can’t afford one.

Treee also claims after singing Julz was slandered from Miami to Los Angeles by Karen Civil & Scottie Beam for her bullshit antics and went MIA. Julz was last seen getting her self shaded by Dj Akademiks back in October and went out sad then as well. She claims while Julz was MIA she fired her entire staff that ran her faux marketing agency and then she moved out of the country. While the original tweets were deleted Twitter users wasted no time reacting and getting the jokes off.

In all due respect why in the world would anyone sign with a party promotor turned “dot connector” without a label imprint or even an advance? The lesson to learn here is to always have a lawyer you use and never sign without their input and expertise in any situation. Now, let us enjoy these jokes.


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