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#ReadyToLove Exclusive: Devyne Dishes On Dating London, Reva’s Scandal & Alexis

Ahead of tonight’s “Ready To Love” finale, BOSSIP caught up with one of the season’s breakout stars. From the very beginning, Devyne Blessings caught the attention of several men on the Will Packer produced OWN show but she set her sights on JUST one; London. Throughout the season we saw London do what a number of men do (especially in Atlanta) waffle between Devyne and another woman, Alexis, before going for his “ride or die” Devyne.

Below Devyne dishes on what really went down this season, her friend Reva’s surprising relationship with Mario, and that “all the smoke” shade she and Alexis traded.

Tell us about your Ready To Love experience, did the journey meet your expectations? What surprised you the most?

“The journey was definitely one heck of a ride. Looking for love in the public eye is definitely not for the faint of heart. Being a part of this journey met my expectations. I feel the show was well orchestrated in a sense where both the women and men had the power of choosing. What surprised me the most was that I made it to the end. It proved to me that love can be found in the most unexpected places during the most awkward of circumstances. “


 There was a LOT of drama surrounding your relationship with London, do you think he was 100% truthful with you throughout this journey?

“There was only one instance where there was a question of honesty with London during the meeting with my friends. We were halfway through the journey at that point and it was a huge turning point for us that made me second guess if he was the man I wanted to continue to pursue. It took a few more dates, and several conversations of honesty and transparency for me to decide that I did indeed wanted to continue to pursue him. He wanted to make it clear to me his feelings and interest. These things were not revealed on camera. Overall, I have found London to be a stand-up and straightforward individual. London is a Cancer also and we tend to have tough times with confrontations and hurting the feelings of others.”

What do you think about that huge bombshell Reva dropped at the reunion about dating Mario? We know that you two are friends.

“Here is what I do know. Reva is woman who ranks loyalty and integrity high in her life. She holds her true friendships in the highest regards and she possesses one of the biggest hearts I have seen. I have never seen her respond with malice or ill intent towards anyone in the short time I have known her. Should the message (bombshell) have been delivered differently? Of course. I feel all parties are in agreement that it could have been handled differently in retrospect. That one lapse of poor judgment should not equate to lifelong character assassination on them. Apologies were issued and everyone has moved on and is currently fulfilled in their current situations.”

What is your relationship like with Alexis now? Do you think she lied about the three-way call and the kiss with London?

“Alexis and I are cordial in our dealings with one another. At the end of the day we are grown and professional women. It is not for me to say whether or not she lied, however, regarding the three-way call, I never once felt “baited” or questioned on the phone by London. Our conversations were always organic and we rarely spoke of the journey we were on. Also, I never had a phone conversation with London where I stated he didn’t choose me when asked, when clearly he did. That would make no sense. #RollTheTape

In terms of the kiss, he was well aware of my kiss with Brent, so he would have no reason to conceal or deny a kiss with his other connection. London has been upfront in his connection with Alexis since day one so it makes no sense why he would deny a kiss with her if it happened. He is well aware that a kiss with her would not have affected our situation, so again, the denial would serve no purpose. That is for those two to hash out. It’s a forever case of he say she say but my logic and discernment sides with London.”

 What’s the status of your relationship now with London? Are we getting a baby Paris?

“Currently, London and I are still going strong. We have had a couple of bumps in the road which is expected when dating under a microscope, but with faith, the desire to make it work, and effective communication, we pushed through and prevailed. As for baby Paris, we need to see if these eggs will let me be great. 🙂

 What’s next for you after Ready To Love? We’d love to see more of you on television.

“I want to use my platform and visibility to help others by assisting teens that deal with cyberbullying, mentoring young women with self-esteem issues, and participating on panel discussions on love and relationships as well as women’s empowerment. I am also working on a podcast that will create an upbeat view on dating, love advice, and many other topics that may plague men and women in their 30s and 40s. The sky is the limit!”

Part 2 of the #ReadyToLove reunion airs TONIGHT, Saturday, December 28 at 10|9c.

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