Kandi Calls Out Eva After She 'Forgets' Her Porsha C-Section Shade

#RHOA Rebuttal: Kandi Calls Out Eva After She ‘Forgets’ Her Porsha C-Section Shade

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Real Housewives of Atlanta

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Kandi Calls Out Eva After She ‘Forgets’ Her Porsha C-Section Shade

Kandi Burrus is issuing an #RHOA rebuttal after one of her castmates tried to back peddle on comments.

On Sunday’s episode, the ladies were seen on their Toronto cast trip, and in between Cynthia grilling Kenya over accidentally almost “ruining” her engagement, Porsha Wiliams called out Eva Marcille. According to Porsha she considered Eva as part of her village and was saddened to hear that she shaded her behind her back. Eva’s rant happened in front of Cynthia and Kandi, and Kandi relayed the shade to Porsha.

Kandi previously alleged that Eva said some nasty things about Porsha’s Dennis McKinley cheating scandal and Porsha’s C-section. Eva’s comments were also caught on camera.

“She’s all up in my business. Maybe I should forward her some of these blogs about Dennis so she can have some business to mind. And her C-Section ain’t even healed yet and she’s over here worried about me.”

According to Eva however, those comments never happened and Kandi’s got it all wrong. That would also mean that the entire RHOA viewing audience is also blind AND deaf.

Eva: “I wanna respond to it because that was definitely not what I said.”

Porsha: “Is Kandi a liar? So she’s making it up?”

Kandi: “No I’m not.”

Eva: “I did not say anything about forwarding a blog… Porsha I am sitting here telling you in front of [Kandi], with her, that that wasn’t the case.”

Kandi: “I think sometimes when you get upset and you’re doing your reads or whatever, sometimes that s— comes off real f—ed up.”

Eva later said that Kandi “added some seasoning” to her comments, which is also untrue. (3:06)


Kandi def caught word of Eva continuing to deny her C-section shade to Porsha and she’s responded on her YouTube channel.

Hit the flip to see Kandi’s clap back.



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