B. Scott Shades NeNe Leakes For Lying

Nice Try NeNe! B. Scott Shades ‘Lying Scallywag Linnethia’, Confirms Her Team Leaked THAT Letter

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B. Scott NeNe Leakes

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B. Scott Shades NeNe Leakes For Lying, Confirms Her Team Leaked THAT Letter

Welp, RHOA’s “lettergate” is officially over.

As previously reported NeNe wrote a note to her (ex-bestie) Cynthia and it somehow was leaked to blogger B.Scott. In it, NeNe congratulated Cynthia on the opening of the Bailey Wine Cellar despite their differences.

Kenya Moore claimed that the letter was leaked by NeNe herself—but NeNe cried foul and tried to place the blame on Kenya. On Sunday viewers saw NeNe outright deny it and call Kenya “dirty.” Not only that she flat out denied knowing B. Scott and said she doesn’t talk to bloggers.

 “One thing that a person could tell you about Nene Leakes is I don’t ever talk to bloggers, don’t always point the finger at the person you think. My last name might be Leakes, but I’m not leaking.”



NeNe’s words clearly pissed off B. Scott himself because he took to his podcast and draaaaaaaagged her for lying. During the 50-minute long episode, B. Scott said he took offense to NeNe acting as though she’s above bloggers. He also flat out called her a “b***.”

“I’mma point the finger and just say NeNe’s a liar, she is a liar,” said B. Scott during an episode titled “Like NeNe’s Titty In Toronto, The Truth Always Pops Out. “Number one if you say my name a couple times I have to appear, you have summoned me. You a lying ass b****! “That offended me, #1. #2 she goes on to make it seem like bloggers are beneath her like bloggers are lowly.

“You are a reality star at best,” he added. “She does talk to bloggers but she oftentimes talks to bloggers without my reach and she talks to bloggers that don’t have any other exclusive information ever other than the lies that she tells her.”


That’s not all, however, B. Scott went into detail and said he’s withholding TONS of info about NeNe and said they’ve spoken on the phone about things she wanted to put out in the press. Their relationship allegedly goes back TEN YEARS and they’ve spent time together in different cities.

“I have known NeNe for over 10 years, she was one of my first guests on my Youtube channel,” said B. Scott. “I knew NeNe when she had her first set of teeth and her first face. I have yeaaaars of text messages, years. I went back to look at my phone and it was so much. Me and NeNe, I felt as though we were still friends because only a friend would hold certain information that I”m holding right now, that I was asked not to put out. So if we’re not friends that good to know. Should I light her a** up right now? Should I drop a nuclear bomb? This isn’t even about the note, this is about something else.

“I know Kandi, I know Cynthia and Cynthia she reminded me of something I forgot, I met Cynthia through NeNe,” he added. “We have chilled many times in Atlanta, L.A., Miami and we even chilled with Kenya in Miami.”

Kenya previously confirmed their time together in Miami.


WHEW, what a mess.

B. Scott broke down what really happened with that leaked letter, hit the flip.

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If you suspected that NeNe leaked a letter that paints her in a positive light, then B. Scott says you’re correct. B. Scott ran down the list of housewives starting with Kenya Moore and said the other RHOA ladies didn’t leak it before revealing that the letter indeed did come from NeNe’s team dubbing it an “offering.”

“You know who leaked the note? Someone from NeNe’s team. If they want to press me, I will publish those receipts. There’s nothing worse I hate than a liar,” said B. Scott. He then likened her to Nicole Murphy who B. Scott said tried to lie about knowing him as well.

“I think she’s a lying scallywayg, NeNe Leakes. It came from that team. Like Kenya said, why would she leak something positive about NeNe?”


B. Scott also added that he’s withholding more of NeNe’s secrets and issued this threat;

“If my name comes out that b***’s mouth again in a way that’s derogatory and disrespectful. I’m gonna light that ass up. Linnethia is gonna be on fire!”

He also had loooooots more to say and he confirmed that the “tape” that NeNe’s “snake’ friend Yovanna’s been blabbing about DOESN’T EVEN EXIST.

“That’s a lie from NeNe’s hell,” said B. Scott.

A wise woman named Sheree Whitfield once said, “This is getting juicy!”

Links to listen to B. Scott “light up” Linnethia Leakes are below.

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