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ICON Talks And Motion Picture Association Of America Host Black Male Excellence In Entertainment Awards Luncheon

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Jae Hardwick Uses Her Marriage As An Example Of MLK’s Dream

Omari Hardwick’s wife was feeling the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. yesterday on his national holiday and praised the iconic civil rights leader for all of his bravery and hard work, using her interracial marriage as an example of progress since his death.

The brunette shared a photo with her actor hubby with a quote from MLK, saying:

“I have a dream that one day little black boys and girls will be holding hands with little white boys and girls.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Everyday I live in knowledge and appreciation of how one person’s dream can effect the lives of countless others.
We owe it to ourselves and the rest humanity to dream, to fight and to stand.
He did, so we can.

King once said, “in a truly integrated society, interracial marriage should be legal”, according to a news clipping preserved by He continued, the basic aim of the negro is not to become the white man’s brother-in-law, but his brother.”

Folks in Jae’s comment disagreed with her MLK swirl message. One commenter wrote:

I love you, Omari, y’all love and Dr. King. Respectfully (because your page seems like a place we can have respectful convos), I don’t believe he was speaking of interracial relationships when he said this. I’m mixed and the product of an interracial marriage, so again, no disrespect. Perhaps we all interpret things differently?

Jae replied, doubling down on her message.

He didn’t specifically mean interracial marriage…duh lol. But is the purpose of this post to debate meaning or celebrate a phenomenal soul who moved our country forward and who fought to begin the process of equality for ALLLLL? Don’t lose the soul of a message bc you’re caught up on dissecting it. Dr. King wanted equality which includes, but not exclusive to, being able to choose WHO to marry regardless of race, creed, color…

She said what she said! Hit the flip for more of Omari and Jae’s interracial couple-dom.

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