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Before & After: Kandi Gets Botox & Her Dark Circles Removed

Kandi Burruss is an open book when it comes to her cosmetic procedures. The RHOA star previously admitted to liposuction and breast implants that she debuted during the season 9 reunion.

“I’ve just joined the club. Well, after we finished taping, I decided to pump them up,” said Kandi. “So I was like, ‘I’m gonna take these from sleek to on fleek.’ You know what I mean?”

Now she’s letting fans follow her while she undergoes a few more (much less invasive) procedures.

Kandi posted a video to her YouTube channel titled “My Cosmetic Procedure with Dr. Jing Jing.” In it, she gets botox, microdermabrasion and the dark circles under her eyes removed at her friend Dr. Jing Jing’s Pretty Faces of Atlanta.

According to Kandi, she only came in for a facial before getting the botox and the hyperpigmentation under her eyes removed. She also confessed that she was traumatized as a child after a boy made fun of her dark circles so she ALWAYS wears concealer.

“I’m prepared to take it off, it’s ok,” said Kandi wiping off the makeup to reveal the circles. “I want people to understand why I’m so subconscious about these […] this is a big step.”

“It’s a big black circle. Let me tell you something, when I was a kid […] this little boy called me ‘black eye peas’ because of my dark circles And when I tell you, he scarred me for life. He scarred me for life! When I found out about concealer, I said nobody will ever see my dark circles again.”

“This is why I don’t like walking around with no makeup, people say ‘You’re so tired, you’re not getting any rest!’  [No], that’s just me, this is who I am. get into it!”

Surgical dark circle removal is called blepharoplasty and involves injections and needles, Kandi however just got a topical cream applied under her eyes to help with removing the circles.

You can see Kandi’s results for yourself below, do YOU see the difference?


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