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Nicki Minaj Expresses Regret Over Meek Mill Twitter Tift

Nicki Minaj wishes yesterday’s public and PETTY back and forth with Meek Mill never happened. We know you saw what happened; Onika and Meek went petty for petty trading insults and NASTY allegations after Nicki exploded over Meek sneakily shading Nicki’s husband’s fashion choices.

After trading bars that included child rape complicity claims, abuse allegations, and other ridiculousness Onika’s said she’s done with it—and regrets it. Nicki was a guest during a Q&A session at the Pollstar Live! conference in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Wednesday and she admitted she wished the incident didn’t happen.

When Nicki was asked to offer advice to developing artists she quipped that she wished she’d just “put her music out” and zip her lips. Mind you, she said all this to Irving Azoff, the Oak View Group cofounder who’s now her manager—that she gave the “cocks***er of the day” award to on Queen Radio.

“Keep your eye on the bigger picture is what I would say,” she said, per Variety. “If I had to, I would have redone the whole thing and just kept my mouth shut. Put my music out and shut the hell up.”

Nicki also joked that she was going to claim that her Twitter was hacked.

“Listen, it never fails. Every time I do it, five minutes later, I’m like, why the f–k did I…? Every single time. But it’s a good lesson in knowing how to master your anger and emotions. So, every time I do that, I like give myself a talking to in my head, like, ‘OK, you played yourself, you shouldn’t have did that. You learned your lesson again.’ How many times did I learn that lesson? So, I gave myself that talk today, sir.”

Nicki also expressed regret over another tweet, this time about her retirement.

“Once again, another time where I shouldn’t have had had social media on my phone,” she said. “And that’s why, for the last few months, I haven’t had social media on my phone. I’ve just recently put it back in my phone; I’m about to take it back off. … Have you noticed when you take social media off your phone, you as a person feel happier or more at peace? You guys really should try it. I promise you. Because it’s too much of just nonsense and nothingness and looking at what everybody else is doing and comparing yourself to people. When you’re having a great freaking life. We wake up in the morning (and) we’re good. And then we go on social media and make ourselves depressed.”

Maybe it’s time to delete some social media apps, Nicki. Or at least BLOCK some people…

Oh, and yes, Irving and Nicki talked about his cocks***r of the day title;


“We have not discussed this,” he said. “You gave me an award. I never really understood why. Can we go to that? What is that award?”

“It was called C—s—er of the Day Award.” said Nicki. “Imagine how many people have wanted to say that to Irving Azoff in his face for years.”

“Listen I love it when artists care. She was in a battle with Travis Scott for No. 1,” he added. “Some people may believe Travis and his team were doing something but he really cared about that No. 1, and she really cared about No. 1, too. Eventually she and her manager parted ways so I called the b*** up!”

“B****?” That ain’t cute, but okay.


What do YOU think about Nicki Minaj expressing regret over her Meek Mill tweets? Watch a clip from the Q&A below.




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