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22 Dead And 26 Injured In Mass Shooting At Shopping Center In El Paso

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El Paso Shooter Charged With Federal Hate Crimes For Walmart Mass Murder

The man who killed 22 and shot 24 others at an El Paso, Texas Walmart has been charged with federal hate crimes.

A source familiar with the situation told ABC7 that Patrick Crusius will be officially charged with multiple additional crimes at a press conference later today. A manifesto that Crusius wrote about scaring Mexicans into leaving the U.S. ultimately lead to the prosecutors’ decision.

Crusius’ lawyer hopes that there is a silver lining when the formal charges are announced.

David Lane, a Colorado-based lawyer representing Crusius in the federal case, said Thursday morning that he has not yet seen the indictment but hopes federal prosecutors don’t seek his client’s execution.

“Part of the evolution of our society involves understanding that justice is not synonymous with vengeance, because vengeance disregards the essential humanity in all of us and brutalizes us all,” Lane said. “Part of my job here is to hopefully convince the Department of Justice that they are not the department of vengeance.”

Man, f**k EVERYTHING this guy is talking about. The world is likely much better off without people like Patrick breathing air, not to mention the fact that taxpayers will have to pay for his continued existence. Naw.

Fortunately, Patrick IS facing the death penalty from charged filed by the state of Texas. If there’s one thing we know about Texas is that they LOVE a good barbecue.

Fire up the grill!


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