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Miami International Airport Launches 2 Automated Security Screening Lanes

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TSA Agent Arrested For Tricking Woman Into Showing Breasts And Underwear

Sometimes the people in charge of your security will be the first to violate you.

Such is the case with 22-year-old TSA agent Johnathon Lomeli. According to DailyMail, Lomel was arrested yesterday after a sexually abusive incident with a female passenger back in June.

The woman says Lomeli told her that he needed to look inside her bra to ensure that she was not concealing anything. He then allegedly told her to pull her pants away from her waist so he could look down them for inspection. Then, the woman says she was told to enter a private room for further screening. In the elevator on the way down to the room, the woman claims Lomeli told her that he could do the screening right there instead.

Lomeli told the woman he had to make sure she still had nothing in her bra, telling her to lift her shirt ‘to show me your full breasts,’ it said.

The woman said he also looked down her pants again, before telling her she was free to go and that she had nice breasts.

The FBI was notified immediately and Lomeli was fired on the spot but for some unexplained reason he wasn’t arrested until Thursday.

Put him UNDER the jail. SMH.



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