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Love After Lockup Andrea and Lamar

Source: WeTV / WeTV

“Love After Lockup” Airs Friday Nights On WeTV

“Love After Lockup’s” Lamar and Andrea have endured more than their fair share of ups and downs over the last three seasons of the show.

They dealt with moving back and forth between California and Utah, endured disapproval from her kids, Mormon friends and his family, a devastating miscarriage and trying to work through her fears for the family’s safety in LA. But Andrea told BOSSIP in an interview at our NYC offices Thursday that they are still together.

“We are still married,” she said. “We are still in love, and we live in Utah and California, still.”

In a sometimes tearful interview with BOSSIP, Andrea said things between her and her convicted armed robber turned rapper hubby was stronger than ever and that she hoped to one day to bear four more of her husband’s children.

“For me and Lamar, I hope we work on our friendship more – and do in vitro and have quadruplets!” Andrea told us. “Not now, but eventually.”

Andrea said this season’s revelations about their relationship – like the fact that she and Lamar conceived daughter Priscilla in a closet while he was locked up – has left her on shaky ground with her oldest daughter, Nyla.

Love After Lockup Andrea and Lamar

Source: WeTV / WeTV

“Nyla is stubborn, still upset and concerned about me morally,” Andrea admitted. “They knew that we weren’t married (when Priscilla was conceived). Now, they know what their mom did. She wants me to understand what it means to keep my body sacred.”

Nevertheless, the black Mormon mom of three said life is more stable and on the upswing with her aspiring artist husband, and now that Lamar is off parole, they are looking to leave LA for good and settle someplace where she feels safer.

In the meantime, Andrea said she’s supporting Lamar’s music industry aspirations by founding their own record label, “My Sound Entertainment,” as well as a clothing line, and plan to release daughter Priscilla’s first music video.

“I’m a human being, and I’m growing,” Andrea said of her journey on the show thus far. “I really love my family together, and my happiness and what’s best for my kids come first.”


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