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Love Is Blind

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Yes, it’s true. Your favorite couple on Netflix’s number one reality show really is as sugary sweet as you think.

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton who tied the knot after getting engaged sight unseen on #LoveIsBlind have been legally married since 2018 and yes, they’re still madly in love.

During the “Love Is Blind” Finale Watch Party in Atlanta, the happy couple was joined by castmates at City Winery Atlanta and gave influencers an intimate look at the couples who made it; Matt and Amber and Lauren and Cameron, and the breakups; Damian and Gianna and Kelly and Kenny.

Netflix's Love Is Blind VIP Viewing Party In Atlanta

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BOSSIP was on hand for the night and we just had to chat with America’s faves Lauren and Cameron who looked absolutely smitten with each other. The Hamiltons told BOSSIP that their connection in the pods was instant and Lauren shared a story about them shedding tears together.

“For me, I knew immediately when we were talking about our families and we started crying,” said Lauren. “Cause first —I had never cried on a date, who does that? Secondly, Cameron was so open and loving with his family and it moved him to emotion and he did the same for me. So I said, ‘This man is special.’ I’ve never experienced anything like that so right at that moment, I KNEW.”

“It was similar for me, up until that point the [Love Is Blind] experiment for me felt artificial,” added Cameron. “I felt like ‘Okay, I’m going through these dates.’ But when Lauren and I had that conversation, it hit me like a freight train. I felt like, I am taking this very seriously now. ”

“S*** got real,” said Lauren.

Lauren also spoke candidly on “Love Is Blind” having a lack of black male cast members. In case you’re unaware, Love Is Blind filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, and only two black men were chosen to be a part of season one of the Netflix show.

“For me it was kind of sad because I hoped there were more black men in the process,” said Lauren. “There wasn’t a lot, it was only two and one was bisexual and the other one just didn’t work out. Cameron and I even talked about that—like, this is Atlanta. I think that for me it was pretty disappointing and the black couple who did make it, it turned real ugly. So that’s unfortunate but I try to do my best and represent.”

Still, despite the lack of representation, it’s quite clear that the experiment was a success and Lauren found her equal. A gushing Cameron told BOSSIP that he was anxious to share the good news about tying the knot with Lauren nearly two years ago but of course, contractually he couldn’t.

“It was tough in that respect and it was also such an incredible experience for us both that it’s hard not to talk about it and wanna share the story that we had because it was life-changing in many ways.”

Love Is Blind

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

Life-changing indeed!

Did YOU watch “Love Is Blind”, what do YOU think about Lauren and Cameron making it all the way to the altar?

Love Is Blind

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty



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