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F**k 12.

The family and friends of everyone who died in the helicopter crash that also claimed the lives of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna are still mourning a devastating loss. But eight L.A. County Sheriffs who were on the scene at the time, their only concern is doing it for the group chat.

According to ESPN, those eight cops have admitted to either taking or sharing gruesome photos from the crash site. Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva was notified of this incident the week of the accident and ordered the officers to delete them permanently.

“That was my No. 1 priority, was to make sure those photos no longer exist,” Villanueva told NBC News for a story Monday. “We identified the deputies involved, they came to the station on their own and had admitted they had taken them and they had deleted them. And we’re content that those involved did that.”

“We’ve communicated in no uncertain terms that the behavior is inexcusable,” Villanueva said. “I mean, people are grieving for the loss of their loved ones. To have that on top of what they’ve already gone through is unconscionable.”

There is not currently a department policy about taking photos with cell phones but Villanueva would like to change that. He’s even going so far as to say that he would like to see it made illegal. Strangely, the department does have a policy about taking crime scene photos, but that does not apply to accidents or crashes.

Vanessa Bryant’s lawyer described her as “absolutely devastated” when she learned that the photos were been shared online.

All officers involved are under investigation but no disciplinary action has been decided yet.

Not sure why it’s taking so long. They should all be fired. Posthaste.


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