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Source: Randy Holmes / Getty

Celebrities surprising their biggest fans on late night talk shows has become quite the trend lately. It’s always the exact same formula: producers asks fans to talk to the camera, confessing what they love about (insert celebrity name here) and then boom, that celebrity pops up out of nowhere to surprise them!

This has been done by so many people in the past, that at this point, it’d probably be pretty disappointing to talk about your favorite celeb and have them not pop up behind you–which is exactly what happened for some Beyoncé fans recently….well, kinda.

When Eric Andre appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! earlier this week, he pranked some Beyoncé fans by dressing up in a gown and a wig, covering his face, and surprising them a la the aforementioned formula above. When he walks in, he covers his face–and even though he clearly doesn’t have the same body as Bey, these fans still think it’s her for a split second.

Check out the video for yourself down below to see the whole thing unfold. Even though being surprised with a fake Beyoncé probably really sucks, it’s fun to watch when it’s not happening to you.




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