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DaBaby hits the Z107.9 Summer Jam stage!

Source: Radio One Digital / @Stretchd_34 for Radio One Digital

DaBaby is one of the most beloved new rappers in the game. He arguably was the rookie of the year and the MVP of 2019. He only has one blemish in his record and that’s the fact he just can’t stop fighting. He had a few instances of throwing hands at people last year and it has always been a scandal.

Most of the altercations revolve around fans who want to take pics of him and DaBaby wanting privacy and to not be bothered. We get it. We do. However, this weekend that went to another level. He was at a club in Tampa and fans were dying to snap pics. One fan put a flash in his face and he reacted by slapping that fan. One major problem: that fan is a woman. DaBaby is now on video slapping a female fan. Wow.

He took to IG to apologize:

“I do sincerely apologize, I do. I am very sorry that there was a female at the other end of the flashlight on the phone.” He then offered to meet her in person. Overall, this is a real bad look. So what does this mean? Do fans kick him to the curb? Does he get canceled?

Twitter has a lot of thoughts and people are debating what to do with the star. Take a look…

DaBaby has had all sorts of legal troubles over the course of his career, so you know his lawyers are working overtime. We hope his lawyer is just on retainer because paying him per case seems like it might break the bank. Even if that lawyer is getting paid handsomely you know his or her patience is running way thin.

@fspthedon: Dababy conversation with his lawyer right now

Maybe DaBaby is the hood Candyman who pops up and drops you if you say his name. Well that would be quite the development. Seriously, though, DaBaby really has to chill. People taking pics is part of celebrity and he is going to ruin his career doing all of this.

@rodimusprime: If you say DaBaby name three times in the mirror he will show up and assault you.

As you know, the Red Table Talk is the space to go to whenever you mess up, especially if you mess up with a woman. A couple of weeks ago, Snoop popped up there to apologize for his comments about Gayle King. Now it’s time for maybe DaBaby to get on there and figure out how to make this right.

…Or not.

@sagemyster: DaBaby in a week

Let’s all remember that all these people who keep getting beat up are all just big fans of DaBaby. They generally don’t mean any harm. They just want something for the ‘gram. We get it when he may be out with his kids. Yet he was out at the club last night. The club!

@DebatingHipHop_: “Hey DaBaby! I’m your biggest fan!!”

Well, this is facts. Sadly, DaBaby is in the news for his putting the smackdown on someone as much as he’s in the news for his music. Maybe he should just chill out and just stay at home or something? We just want him to have a good career and for people to go un-slapped.

@HakJags: Man this me every time I see DaBaby in the news for hitting someone

@jaidvn: DaBaby tomorrow




@big_business_: DaBaby’s security during every altercation.

@kevtappedin: the girl who got punched by DaBaby going to collect her bag

Nobody: …


@Pizzaboitorin: Imagine slapping a women on international women’s day

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