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Peter gun

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Peter Gunz is still making news on reality TV…for some reason. He’s been a “Love & Hip-Hop” mainstay for the better part of a decade. The entire time, he’s been known as one of the biggest cheaters in the history of the game. If you recall, he had two women, Amina and Tara, both vying for his attention while he lied to both of them equally. At one point they were both pregnant with his babies at the exact same time. 

Fast forward to 2020 and he is still fighting over Amina despite the fact he has done her worse than anyone has been done in reality TV. Peter, if you recall, is also known for his Creep Squad along with Cisco and Rich Dollaz. Well, that fell apart when Rich snitched to Peter that Amina spent the night at Cisco’s place.

The realization led to an argument and a legitimate fight between the two. An old-man fight if you will.

All of this reminded us how much Peter is hated and how his whole squad is the worst. Take a look at the way people dragged them all.

Peter has a whole lot of nerve to say anything about Amina and where she is spending the night especially after all he’s put her to over the past decade. The lack of self-awareness is real as hell.

@problackwomen2: Wait The Hell A Minute!
Didn’t Peter Gunz cheat on Tara With Amina, Married Amina then got her pregnant then cheat on her with Tara. N*gga you dont have the right to know where Amina lays her head Dusty!

Let’s not forget that these two men are old as hell and way too damn old to be on reality TV fighting. Most of the internet couldn’t even believe that they were seeing this. Like, how does this happen? Are the checks that big?

@NinaKaprisun: What I saw when Peter and cisco was fighting.Woozy face Weary face #LHHNY

The Creep Squad used to be thick as thieves. Cheating a**, misogynist thieves. Now to see them break up? It’s like a single tear falls down our cheeks. Where were you when the Creep Squad broke up?

@Badu1zm: Peter Gunz, Cisco, & Rich still on here fighting? Expressionless face #LHHNY

Let’s also not forget that Amina was giving Peter a place to stay when he had absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. Now he wants to talk about where SHE sleeps? Tuh.

@CountessOfJi: Lmao what yall NOT about to do is shame Amina for sleeping at Cisco crib when we ALL watched Peter use her as an air bnb for YEARS. That n**** wasn’t in love HE WAS HOMELESS #LHHNY

Why does Rich think it’s okay to even report to Peter what Amina is doing? He cheated on her so damn much it was part of his lifestyle. Rich really been messy all season and needs to chill.

@ICanOnlyBeChino: #LHHNY
Amina was Peter’s wife who he kept CHEATING on, get it right Rich and stop being messy!

@2beAbeauty: Rich: “…when you’re gonna tell this man Amina stayed with you, last superbowl!?”



@2beAbeauty: Peter: “…if ya baby momz was in town…”



@its_lindz: Point of order: Peter previously smashed.

There’s something about that, “you know I can” that brought Cisco to tears/anger immediately. Spill the tea


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@televisioncrush: So Peter gonna act like Rich, who suppose to be his main man, haven’t been holding on to this information for hot minute?? IMO, this makes him worse than Cisco 🤷🏾‍♀️ #lhhny #loveandhiphop

@jfrink1: Peter isn’t owed SHIT! And Rich saying that Amina was his love and wife like we didn’t all watch him on this show or if we don’t remember?! No accountability! #LHHNY

@MarkDNeal: Peter gunz gonna throw his back out tryna fight #lhhny



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