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Bow Wow turned 33 years old on March 9th. It seems like just yesterday he was a kid with large jerseys and movies about wanting to be Michael Jordan. Now he’s a grown man with kids and a big ol’ list of baddies he’s dated in his life. He’s dated everyone from reality show stars to models to singers in their own right.

Mr. Woward has been criticized a lot on the internet for fabrications and jokes, going viral for things like the Bow Wow challenge and all that. Yet he brushes it off and stays with objectively beautiful women at every turn. It’s quite the feat.

What follows is the list of women he’s been with in his 20-year career and some rumors that need to be killed.

Salute Bow Wow and congratulate him for his years of breaking records, making money and being with nothing but baddies. What a time to be alive.

Ciara – This was really both of their first big celebrity relationship moments. They were an adorable teenage love that covered Seventeen magazine and all that stuff. You also can’t forget they had a chart-topping song together. Sadly, their relationship fell apart

Esther Baxter – Bow Wow has been one to spin quite the yarn when it comes to his interviews. One such instance came when he told the world Esther Baxter took his virginity when he was a teenager. She categorically denied it. We have no reason to believe Bow Wow would ever lie. He’s never done that before.

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Angela Simmons – Angela Simmons is one of the baddest women in the game. She and Bow Wow’s relationship was supposed to be the love story of a generation. Kid rapper and daughter of a rap megastar. They were supposed to be a future generation of lovebirds. Man, that fell apart very fast.

Teairra Marie – Teairra Marie has always been known as one of the finest singers out. We understand why someone would be dying to be with her. She and Bow Wow hung out a lot in 2009 and it was suggested they dated. However, this was all just rumors and never actually confirmed.

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Kim Kardashian – Bow Wow also claimed that he and Kim had a thing. She never confirmed nor denied it. She actually never acknowledged any of this or his presence. Bow Wow might want to make sure he doesn’t cross Kanye because we know how Yeezy can get over this.

Dollicia Bryan – Bow and Dollicia had a very short-lived fling. He was very loud about it, acting like he’s never been there before. We can’t actually blame him because she is a super fine super model that everyone would brag about if they were anywhere near her.

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2009 modeling

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Karrine Steffans – Who can forget Karrine calling out and proclaiming her Bow Wow situation in the past. Steffans has always been pretty forthright about her situations so we can definitely believe this was a thing.

Melody Thornton – This Pussy Cat Doll said they hung out but that was it: “He was just a homie. He still is. I love him. He’s great. No homie with benefits. People don’t know that he’s smart and adorable when he wants to be. Very talented actor, very talented musician—more than one reason to love him. I was like, ‘Cool. I have a buddy, one that’s not in the same group as me!’”

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Joie Chavis – Bow Wow’s baby momma Joie became famous after being connected to him. However, she went on to date Future and have a baby with him. This would make the second woman Bow dated who went on to date Future. And have a baby with Future.

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Ayisha Diaz – They dated and it ended in a public feud. Rumors even spread that Erica Mena broke up their relationship. That’s pretty scandalous, no? They only dated for about three months anyway. This is what he posted: “Made too many women famous over the course of my lifetime just by being their boyfriend…Sex doesn’t secure she yours. Before i put u on IG share my spotlight w you share my red carpet time w you share my d*** w you i gotta know you SERIOUS! I don’t want no half ass’n. F*** the p**** i want your heart and mind. Until then…. I stay to myself until i know SHE ready! Wherever SHE is…….”

Erica Mena – Then came Erica Mena. Everyone was surprised to see them together. Yet they seemed happy for at least the beginning there. Then it fell apart pretty fast. Then she went on to Safaree and lived an absolutely happy life.

Jhonni Blaze – They had a back and forth on Growing Up Hip-Hop that was the talk of the show and the season. They had a real fight and everything. This is what she told us on Headline Heat: “I ain’t ambush him. We about the same height how…I did not ambush Lil Bow Wow, okay? I’m five feet, he’s five feet. You can’t ambush somebody that’s the same height as you. I can say that. He’s my friend,” she said. “What happened was that Deb [Antney] wanted us to fix certain things. I really do cherish people’s friendship. I got mad because he called me a b*tch and I just flipped my top. But that was the old me and this is the new me.”

Kiyomi – They were madly in love and seemed like the real thing. Then their fight ended over the All-Star break in 2019. The whole thing turned nasty when domestic violence arrests were made in the process.


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