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Everyone’s reeling from beloved actor Tom Hanks revealing that he and his wife Rita Wilson tested positive for Coronavirus in a genuinely shocking development that legitimized the threat to millions of skeptics, doubters and conspiracy theorists across the nation.

Based on what we know, he should recover but, then again, we don’t know that much which makes this diagnosis even scarier.

At this point, all we can do is send positive energy and well-wishes to the Hanks family that seems in good spirits despite the growing concern surrounding quite possibly the biggest pandemic of our lifetimes.

Peep the Twitter hysteria over Tom Hanks’s shocking Coronavirus diagnosis on the flip.

“me pushing the coronavirus out of tom hanks” – if not you, then we definitely would’ve did it.

That moment when Tom Hanks’s son entered the chat…

“I’ll flip all this sh*t over” – us too, sis.

“Coronavirus shook him back to factory default settings. From Shabba Hanks to Chet Hanks” – maaaaaan he pulled a Miley.

“The way Chet Hanks should’ve caught dat rona instead of his parents because of this alone” – we’ll never understand how whatever a Chet Hanks is came from thee Tom Hanks. Life is funny.

“My 11 month old is keeping a close eye on his friend Woody 😥 @tomhanks @Pixar” – aw man… *tears*

“Me when i find the person who gave tom hanks the coronavirus” – tag us in, too. We wanna fight.

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“Out of all men it had to be tom hanks, i hate it here” – we hate it here, too.

“tom hanks has coronavirus” – yea, this type of news makes you look off into the distance wondering how things could possibly get any worse.

“Laughing at all the coronavirus jokes and then seeing Tom Hanks is sick” – Same. SAME.

“When you find out Tom Hanks has the coronavirus #COVID19” – yea, man…


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