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Coronavirus Task Force Briefs Press At White House

Source: Win McNamee / Getty

53% of white women’s president Donald Trump is racist as hell. We all know this. That doesn’t make it any less f**ked up when he PURPOSELY chooses to use racist rhetoric to stoke hate.

Everybody everywhere is calling the coronavirus “coronavirus”. Cable news, newspapers, magazines, tweets, Facebookers, everybody, we’re all calling the earth-shuddering pandemic “coronavirus”.

But for some reason, Donald f**king Trump insists on connecting the virus to Chinese people and further stigmatizing people who are currently being bullied, beaten, and shunned by bigots and racists. Yesterday, Trump drew the ire of socially distant social media users for this tweet:

And again this morning…

Let’s be clear, there are many diseases that are wrongly named after geographical locations and many of them are African. Ebola is named after the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zika virus is named after a Ugandan forest, West Nile virus is obviously named after the Nile river. Point is, this needs to stop. It’s all offensive and is only used as racist-a$$ dog-whistle.



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