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WE tv "Waka & Tammy: What The Flocka" Premiere Event

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Kenya Moore has been the Real Housewives Of Atlanta punching bag for the entire season. It seems like overnight she has been the prime villain of the show. Last week, she and Nene were on a collision course after weeks of battling. Kenya and Nene got so heated that we finally saw if the spit actually happened.

It looks like Nene did send a good chunk of spittle towards Kenya after denying it for weeks. However, the internet still didn’t find sympathy for Kenya as she has been trying to make the argument that talking about her family is off limits.

There’s one big problem with that: Kenya has been trashing families and marriages her whole career. In fact, just this season she tried to ruin Tanya’s marriage with a fake cookie lady thing.

Twitter has not and doesn’t seem to want to take her side at all. Take a look at more of the dragging going on…

“Cynthias protecting Kenya saying that Nene has said vulgar stuff are you kidding me, Kenya hands down has disrespected everyone and now she wants to play victim b**** please Nene read her ass #RHOA”

“#rhoatl #rhoa Kenya’s marriage is “off limits”. BUT she INTERFERED with Phaedra and Apollo, Porsha and Kordell (beard AND went out with him and Claudia), Nene and Greg, Kim Fields and her husband AND Tanya, Paul, cookie wh*re. B**** WHAT NOW?!?!”

“I’m so tired of hearing Kenya is “going through a lot right now”. She kicks people when they’re down, so I’m glad karma is getting her a** #RHOA”

“So Kenya is claiming that she sabotaged Marlo’s event because of issues from three years ago? I-….. How about we talk about things that have happened this year !? #RHOA”

“Kenya is a bully & hypocrite
• Porsha & Kordell’s marriage wasn’t off limits
•Phaedra & Apollo‘s marriage wasn’t off limits
•Kim Fields husband wasn’t off limits
•Kim Zolciak’s daughter wasn’t off limits
•Marlo’s business wasn’t off limits

Sis. Make it make sense. #RHOA”

“Kenya talking about her mother, her daughter and her husband is off limits but didn’t have the same sentiment towards Porshas relationship with Kordell, Phaedra and Apollos relationship, and Tanya’s relationship with her man is absurd. #RHOA #RHOATL”

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“So because now Kenya finally had a kid and a man that means those topics are off limits??? Funny how they weren’t before when she was lonely and getting in everyone else’s business #RHOA”

“Hellllllloooooo!! Kenya is not going to get over beef with NeNe, because she needs a story line. Since her husband not willing to be apart of the story. #RHOA”

“All I gotta say is from the looks and sounds of it… Kenya asked for everything that’s happened to her. She’s been nasty to every cast member, disrespected almost everybody’s marriage and has thrown shade at ppl who’ve only been nice to her. Karma don’t miss nobody. #RHOA”

“kenya is literally so nasty and rude to most ppl if not everyone on #RHOA …… so in the circle when ppl call her out for her wrongdoings she feels attacked???? they’re bringing it to her attention and she can’t stand it bc she’s nasty and mean. hm.”



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