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Rudy Gobert will forever be known as the man who single-handedly shut down the NBA 2019-2020 season and possibly professional sports at-large when he announced that he had contracted the coronavirus.

Subsequent that revelation, Gobert was widely mocked, meme’d, and cursed the f**k out and he deserved it. Gobert thought it cute to touch reporters’ recorders and microphones following a press conference. A week later he was under quarantine.

Up to this point, Gobert said that he felt fine and was generally asymptomatic. That was until he posted the follow tweet updating his health situation:

According to CNN, medical professionals at the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery have advised that loss of smell is definitely one of the things you can expect if you become ill from COVID-19.

“Anosmia, in particular, has been seen in patients ultimately testing positive for the coronavirus with no other symptoms,” reads to a statement on the academy’s website.

Those symptoms “warrant serious consideration for self-isolation and testing of these individuals,” continues the statement.

Anosmia, loss of the sense of smell, has been a symptom of previous versions of coronavirus but this particular novel strain appears to be very aggressive in that regard.

“There is already good evidence from South Korea, China and Italy that significant numbers of patients with proven COVID-19 infection have developed anosmia,” the statement said.

“In Germany it is reported that more than 2 in 3 confirmed cases have anosmia. In South Korea, where testing has been more widespread, 30% of patients testing positive have had anosmia as their major presenting symptom in otherwise mild cases.”

Take care of yourselves, people. Wash your hands regularly and most importantly STAY YOUR A$$ AT HOME!

Hope Rudy Gobert gets better soon.



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