Kim K Responds To Taylor Swift After Video Leaks From Her Convo With Kanye

Aged Beef: Kim Kardashian Responds To Taylor Swift’s Shade After Footage Leaks From Her 2016 Convo With Kanye

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Kim Kardashian isn’t letting Taylor Swift get away with reigniting a 4-year-old feud without putting in her two cents.

Last week, the full phone conversation between Swift and Kanye West leaked, where the rapper asked for Taylor’s permission to put a lyric about her on his song “Famous” off The Life Of Pablo. Back in 2016, when Ye first released the song, Taylor’s camp complained about the misogynistic lyrics, which is when Kim K leaked some of their phone conversation on Snapchat, proving Swift knew about the track the whole time. Taylor responded by saying the use of the word “b***h” is what upset her, because that wasn’t discussed in their conversation.

Now, the full 30-minute phone call leaked online, and while Kanye did get full approval to say Swift “might still owe me sex,” the song wasn’t complete, so he didn’t share the following line with her, where he says, “Why? I made that b***h famous.”

For Taylor’s fans, this is vindication, and Swift certainly thinks so, too. She posted onto Instagram addressing the leaked video, writing the following:

“Instead of answering those who are asking how I feel about the video footage that leaked, proving that I was telling the truth the whole time about *that call* (you know, the one that was illegally recoded that somebody edited, and manipulated in order to frame me and put me, my family, and fans through hell for 4 years)… ”

“The World Health Organization and Feeding America are some of the organizations I’ve been donating to,” she added on the next slide. “If you have the ability to, please join me in donating during this crisis.”

After not responding to this shade for a few days, Kim K decided to go to bat for her husband once again, pointing out that even though it’s stupid to talk about this in the midst of a pandemic, she feels she is “left without a choice but to respond because [Swift] is actually lying.”
In a series of tweets, Kim points out that Kanye hadn’t completed the song yet, which is why he didn’t present Taylor with the full lyrics–he wasn’t omitting anything. She also adds that she never edited any footage before posting it, but only showed a few clips because Taylor’s publicist insisted Kanye never called Taylor to ask for permission, so Kim wanted to get the proof out there.

None of this really adds any new information to what we already know about the 2016 back and forth. Kanye did call and ask for permission, Taylor gave him the creative freedom to say what he wanted, then, once it was released, she had a problem with the word “b***h” being used.

Taylor’s publicist responded to Kim’s tweets on Monday night, posting her original statement from 4 years ago, which says “Kanye did not call for approval, but to ask Taylor to release his single “Famous” on her Twitter account” She goes on to write, “Taylor was never made aware of the actual lyric, “I made that b***h famous.”

All in all, if you agreed with Kim and Kanye before, you probably still do. And if you were on Taylor’s side from the beginning, you probably still agree with her team.


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