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#RHOA’s spitgate is among us and NeNe Leakes is clearing the air. As previously reported NeNe and Kenya Moore got into a nasty back and forth during the cast trip to Greece that culminated with NeNe seemingly spitting at Kenya. “I’ll spit in yo motherfu*** face!” said NeNe.

And while NeNe’s adamant that no spit actually left her mouth (although she thinks it should have) she decided to once again break down the incident. According to NeNe, Kenya knows she didn’t hurl spit in her direction and instead Kenya played up the moment for attention.

Still, NeNe said she’s standing by her actions.

“Everybody knows there was no spit, I said ‘I’ll spit on you,'” said NeNe on the RHOA aftershow. “But of course she needs something to hold on to, this is gonna be good for her. So for press she tried to be like, ‘She tried to spit on me!’ I’m not giving up s*** now, you come over here and f*** with me you know I’m going in.”

One thing she’s not standing by however is Kenya’s claim that she called her daughter Brooklyn Daly a “buffalo.” During their big blowup in Greece Kenya demanded an apology from NeNe for that moment when she asked, “What is Kenya having—a buffalo?!” while the housewife was pregnant.

NeNe said during the aftershow that she did NOT shade the baby, and was instead just talking about a pregnant woman’s weight. Much better, right?

“When she came into Cynthia’s event, I said, ‘What is she having a buffalo?!’  And so you know she held onto that as if I was talking to about her baby,” said NeNe. “Obviously we were at odds and when you’re at odds with somebody you just shoot you know.”
“I would never talk about her daughter but she always needs something to hold on to so this is good. ‘You said I was having a buffalo’ so I’m gonna hold on to it. She could’ve just let that go [but] she just wants something to hang on to.” 
NeNe also added that Kenya wants their relationship to be contentious so they can be the “new NeNe and Kim [Zolciak].”

Watch NeNe talk the Kenya spitgate controversy below.



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