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Doctors and paramedics rushing patient on gurney from emergency airlift helicopter

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Reddit Users Reveal When They Knew Coronavirus Was Really Real

As the Coronvirus continues to spread and cause daily life to be altered, many still haven’t decided to take the virus seriously. Many people refuse to believe they can catch COVID-19, not understanding that even if they don’t get sick, they can pass it to the elderly and put them at risk.

Social media platform Reddit has been doing an outstanding job letting the people most impacted by the virus tell their experiences, in hopes that their stories will influence others to take this seriously as well. Two weeks ago, when the pandemic was nearing its peak, they hosted an AMA (ask me anything) with a patient who was infected with the Coronavirus. The thread instantly went viral and gave people a peace of mind as they had more info on symptoms and what to look for.

Reddit followed up this AMA with a highlighted thread that let users tell how they contracted the coronavirus, which was shocking to many, since it was hard to find one person with the virus just a week before. Now, Reddit has the topic trending of people discussing when they knew the Coronavirus was serious and not to be taken lightly. In this latest thread, the information is pretty jaw-dropping. One user admits they didn’t take it seriously until they were laid off from work, where they manufacture MLB and sports uniforms. Of course, many mention school and work as the reason for their enlightenment, but some of the other reasons might surprise you.



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