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Coronavirus preventive measures in Tbilisi, Georgia

Source: David Mdzinarishvili / Getty

Reddit Users With Coronavirus Break Down How They Caught It

In these times of false information everywhere, Reddit is doing a great job at letting users interact with other users who actually have Coronavirus. This past weekend, Reddit held a Coronavirus AMA, which lets users asking one specific user answer questions from the platform, bringing a sense of calmness to the entire community as they learn more about the disease.

Fast forward a few days, and now, the infections are more widespread, people are at home quarantined, and now, those with the virus are ready to talk it up about which person infected them and what happens now.

The beauty of this Reddit thread is hearing the different ways people contracted the virus, along with the fact that some people are having major symptoms and some have tested positive and still feel just fine. While this shouldn’t be as entertaining as it is, you have to wonder how giving someone Coronavirus will impact their relationships going forward. Especially when you think of people missing work, stuck at home, unable to get the essentials they need. Time will tell.



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