Pentatonix Star's Jollof Rice Video Is A Disaster

Quarantine Struggle: This Colonized Pot Of Jollof Is Getting DRAGGED To The Unseasoned Abyss

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Jollof rice

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Pentatonix is an acapella cover band out of Texas. They’ve actually won Grammys for their work, in case you’ve never heard of them. One member is Nigerian singer Kevin Olusola. Kevin, like the rest of us, are practicing social distancing. He is distancing with his bae. What could go wrong? Well, for starters, he could post this video:

If you pay attention to the video, you’ll notice that the jollof is a damn tragedy. Is this jollof porridge? What kind of caucasian nonsense is this? Now we understand that the man has to gas up his bae. We actually commend him saluting her attempt. Did he have to post the video? Absolutely not. As indicated by the fact the backlash caused him to delete it.

Still, the video caused “jollof” to trend and everything. Yikes.

Hit the flip for the shade.

“Y’all bullied that Pentatonix guy into deleting the video of alleged Jollof rice.

CrienLoudly crying faceLoudly crying faceLoudly crying faceLoudly crying faceLoudly crying face”

“As much as I stoke the fires of the jollof wars, I’m sure we can come together regionally and continentally in denouncing the alleged “rice” concoction this murungu has cooked in jollof’s name.”

“Jollof rice mpoto poto, she is making rice pudding, you better tell her the truth”

“That can never be jollof rice na”

“I just remembered that brother with the Jollof porridge. He’s got the right energy about the whole thing. Just realising he has to eat the thing and smile through it. And he has to eat plenty too to show he really enjoyed it. Na every thing get im own hazard, even love.”

“Lord have mercy. Was that Jollof rice in that video or Eba? Why’d that lady have to do that to Jollof?whyyy?Loudly crying face

“I was really part of the “at least she tried crew yesterday” but I keep getting awful flashbacks of this jollof rice Weary face”

“Lol the instant I saw his over excited face I knew it was Karen. Dude, return your Naija birthright if you think that concoction is jollof. If a Nigerian woman made that mess he wont tolerate it”

“That jollof video going around shows how African/black men tolerate a lot more bs from women outside their race. If a Nigerian or African girl made that rice he won’t even post it online at all. I doubt he’d be laughing about it at all.”

“I just saw why Jollof rice was trending & Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy it’s gonna be a long a$$ year”

“As soon as saw who was cooking that Jollof Rice I already knew it was no good”

“So Pentatonix’s Kelvin just dragged my fatherland in the mud Loudly crying faceLoudly crying faceLoudly crying face

Baba said his wife prepared Jollof Rice…. the thing resemble custard that has Koko inside”

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