The US Is Handling The Coronavirus Worse Than Every Other Country

“Congratulations America”: The US Is Handling The Coronavirus Worse Than Every Other Country And The World Is Laughing At Us

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Well, this is a disaster. Donald Trump tried to celebrate the country’s response to the Coronavirus by celebrating the senate vote for a stimulus plan.

“Congratulations America!” As he tweeted out those two words, the body count and infection count went through the roof. We raced past 1,000 deaths and are on pace to have the worst infection rate in the entire world. Of course, this is largely this idiot’s fault as he ignored warnings, refused to plan ahead and called the damn thing a load for weeks.

The internet was quick to respond and let the world know the United States is a damn joke and it’s absolutely his fault.

“Nurses in NYC wearing trash bags for PPE, NYC setting up makeshift morgues. Dallas, 4th largest MSA in the USA, is limited to 250 COVID-19 tests per day at their drive-thru test. GOP Senators arguing 4 months of UI will somehow created a moral hazard. CONGRATULATIONS AMERICA!”

That was just one reaction. Hit the flip to see the rest and how he sentenced people to damn death.

“Congratulations America, our dumpster fire President’s garbage response to Coronavirus has NY Doctors wearing trash bags. A Thematic success!”

“Congratulations AMERICA???
There are now 1050 Americans DEAD, with 69,222 who have tested postive for the coronavirus, and THIS is what you tweet at 1 am?
This is your MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Woman facepalming”

“BREAKING: 3.28 million Americans filed for unemployment last week. For context, highest this number ever got during the Great Recession in a week was 665,000 and highest ever was 695,000 in October 1982. Congrats Trump: You broke another economic record! #CongratulationsAmerica”

“Congratulations America, we’ve been played.

Your one-time $1200 stimulus check may not come for 3-4 months if you don’t have direct deposit with the IRS.

Fatal #COVID infections are on the rise & we still don’t have enough tests.

May I suggest #GeneralStrike or bust?”

Congratulations America

“Within days, you are about to become a country with way more cases of #COVID19 than China, even though you have a quarter of the population. You had at least 6 weeks of advance notice and your President totally wasted it for you.”

“Donald Trump’s day so far:

– 3.3 million people unemployed
– Death toll rising
– Nurses wearing trash bags
– Trump tweeted “Congratulations AMERICA!” at one in the morning and hasn’t said anything since
– We have no President
– Trump is going to hell
– It’s still only 11:30am”

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“WOW!! Trump team failed to follow NSC’s pandemic playbook “It is not clear if the administration’s failure to follow the NSC playbook was the result of an oversight or a deliberate decision to follow a different course.” #CongratulationsAmerica”

Congratulations America! 3.28 Million us a new all-time record. That is nearly 3.3 MILLION if you don’t know math. All of my numbers are skyrocketing because I made the brilliant move to “shut it down” and then pretend for 2 months it wasn’t already here!

“It only took a global pandemic and a complete and total societal shutdown to prevent school shootings.

Congratulations America.”

“Did I see you Americans are getting a one-time $1200 check to cover COVID unemployment? Because Canada just announced $2000/month for the next four months.”


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