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In the early days of RHOA fans met best buds Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes who were thick as thieves, but clearly had a pretty toxic relationship. If you can remember, Kim alleged in 2009 that Nene tried to choke her, NeNe called Kim “racist” after that big blowup about an alleged roach infestation and they eviscerated each other numerous times before and after RHOA reunions and numerous reconciliations and fallouts. That ultimately lead NeNe to declare that she was done with Kim for LIFE.

“”Kim and messy, two-faced Sweetie 2.0 (Sheree) are devious, slanderous, and reckless. They do not like me! They don’t want me to have anything and will do anything to discredit me,” wrote NeNe in a 2018 Bravo blog. […]

“I will NEVER have anything to do with Kim again in life! She has thrown the most insults and lies over the years. She tries to put me down in any way that she can; saying that I’m on drugs and I have roaches is just the last straw for me.”

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Now, however, that’s all water under the bridge and these two friends are explaining why.

NeNe, 52, and Kim, 41, are social distancing like the rest of us and took to a new Instagram Live show called “Cocktails After Dark” to announce their reconciliation.

According to NeNe, she let bygones be bygones after Kim reached out during her husband’s cancer battle. Not only that she returned the favor by checking on Kim’s son after he was brutally bitten by a dog.

“Before we get started, a lot of you guys have been asking ‘how did you and Kim get back together?’ And I wanted to wait for you to get here, Kim, to explain” said NeNe. “As most of you guys know, my husband was diagnosed with cancer, and for me — I just realized life is too short. Kim’s son had an accident and I just felt like we should move on,” said NeNe.

“I agree, between Kash being bit by a dog, Gregg being sick — life is too short, and life can just change in an instant and it just wasn’t really worth hanging onto that anger or irritation,” said Kim.

Kim also told her reconciled friend that if she could bring back any cast members to reclaim a peach, she’d opt for fellow O.G. Sheree Whitfield

“I would definitely bring…I feel like me, you, Sheree [Whitfield] … I feel like the OG’s are the best,” said the “Don’t Be Tardy” star.

and hinted that the current cast members could be faking storylines, a sentiment that NeNe agreed with.

“I think it’s all just gotten to the point that they live in fantasy land. It’s not all real. They aren’t showing their real side, their real life.”

“I feel like when we started, we were quite different. We were raw,” said NeNe. “We were just saying anything, and doing anything — we were having a good time, and we told our real stories. I’’m not saying that they don’t, but I’m saying they think about it.”

Bloop, bloop, bloop!

Are YOU surprised to see that NeNe and Kim are back cool (again)??? How long do you think it’ll last this time???


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