Bernie Sanders announces that he is suspending his presidential campaign

Bout Time, Boomer: Bernie Sanders Finally Realizes He Won’t Become President And Ends Presidential Campaign

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Bernie Sanders has fought the good fight. He stood up for his principles, he took on the establishment and the American people used their freedom to send him a message: “We don’t believe you, you need more people”.

Today, Senator Bernard Sanders announced that he is FINALLY suspending his presidential campaign so that Joe Biden can enter the ring with 53% of white women’s president, Donald J. Trump.


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According to CNN, Sanders called his campaign staff to break the news to them, then took to Twitter to make this cryptic proclamation:

The sounds you hear are Bernie bros and Sanders’ sisses sobbing at the thought of their fearless leader throwing in the towel. Not for nothing, it looked like Bernie *might* have had some momentum in early February when he performed relatively well in the three voting states. But Black folks delivered Joe “Don’t Call It A Comeback” Biden a resounding victory in the South Carolina primary and that was pretty much all she wrote for Bernie.

To his credit, Sanders certainly galvanized the more progressive base of the Democratic party and his once-mocked policy truly became mainstream ideology as Congress saw new faces like AOC, Rashida Tlaib, Ilham Omar, and Ayanna Pressley became some of the most prominent voices on the left.

Obviously, with the coronavirus pandemic in full swing, Sanders & co. could not beat the streets in the way they probably wanted to but nonetheless, he held firm with hopes to influence Joe Biden to move a little further left in his policy.

Wasn’t happening.

We’re pretty sure that a viable progressive presidential candidate will come along in subsequent elections, but a damn-near-80-year-old white man from Vermont just wasn’t the right vessel for the message.



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