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Sheet of $100 Bills

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Captain’s log: April 13, 2020. The world is currently under the spreading pandemic of coronavirus. Cities are closed, hospitals are undersupplied, politicians are failing. Things are generally in a state of chaos. There are 16.8 million people who are now unemployed and they need money desperately.

Weeks ago the federal government approved a stimulus bill that will provide funds, up to $1200, for each applicable adult to help soften the blow and help keep people afloat. Let’s be very clear, $1200 is NOT enough to keep anyone afloat. That said, there are groceries to buy and bills to pay and money is absolutely needed.

As we enter the second week of April, many people have begun to receive payments and others are pensively pacing their living rooms checking their banking apps to see if ol’ Uncle Sam done dropped off that bag. Their anxiety is crystallized in 280-characters or less on Twitter where the #StimulusDeposit hashtag is chocked-full of comedic angst.

Flip the page a few times to have a laugh at your pain.

Never has Guapdad 4000 ever been more appropriately used as a GIF.

Arthur’s enraged fist shaking uncontrollably is very, VERY relatable content.

Folks just wanna get their money, go to the grocery store to buy wine and the government is playing in their faces.

Hell, even the folks up in Canada are laughing at our brokes a$$es.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury we present to you: exhibit B…for broke still.

They say if you stay ready you ain’t gotta get ready.

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Yeah so about that. This check is NOT a gift from Donald Trump. In fact, if you read the fine print, this check is really just an advance on your tax return next year. Stay woke.

As we mentioned in the headline, this $1200 has been argued to the death online and those who oppose the “socialism” that they feel Democrats are endorsing should take heed of this tweet.

Damn. Dirty game. Cold world. Understandable though…

THAT is a MF fact! Whew, Lawd. Tell the truth and shame Beelzebub by any and all other names.



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