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“Married At First Sight” season 10 was a rocky ride that came to an end Wednesday for five D.C. couples. If you’ve been tuning in then you know that the experts picked the following pairings; Meka and Michael, Brandon and Taylor, Austin and Jessica, Derek and Katie and Zach and Mindy. 

One couple seemed like a match made in heaven and the others seemed, well, like they were just thrown into a blender at random resulting in messy marriages, pathological lies, outbursts at production and more shady shenanigans.

So who stayed together and who broke up? The answers should be pretty obvious.




Brandon was once again a blubbering bozo who smiled smugly at the experts after arriving late (AS HELL) to Decision Day. Always the contentious drama queen, Brandon stopped the experts while they recapped his tumultuous season of outlandish behavior for a bathroom break. “Do you have incontinence?!” asked an exasperated Pastor Cal. Instead of talking about his stranger wife Taylor sitting next to him, a fixated Brandon accused the production crew of making him late for work [twice].

Later he got the face crack he so deserved; Taylor told him she wanted a divorce and Brandon stormed out. GOOD. As previously reported Brandon is the one who actually filed for an annulment in January, reportedly days after Decision Day. 

Also, much to no one’s surprise, Meka asked for a divorce from Michael a.k.a “LIECHAEL”, a name that he’s been called on social media.


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Liechael lied throughout the season about his job, salary, honeymoon expectations and about being a yoga instructor [WHO DOES THAT?!]. So when Meka recapped all the deception in their marriage, she made the right choice; DIVORCE. For some reason, Michael still thought they had a shot and said “For me, I don’t believe in divorce. “It’s disappointing.”


Michael filed for an annulment in January and claimed he was “defrauded” into marriage by Meka. The gall of a fraud to say that they were defrauded….smh.

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Mindy reiterated that she wanted nothing to do with Zach who befriended her (shady a**) homegirl behind her back, so to no one’s surprise the two didn’t reconcile. Also, Zach once again did vocabulary donuts and made little to no sense.

As for the two couples who stayed together; Jessica and Austin, of course, continue their streak of exceptionally awkward perfection capped off by Austin FINALLY telling Jessica that he loved her and for some reason, Derek decided to subject himself to more drama with Katie. The two also moved in together (again) and signed a lease for a new place.

All might not be well however, during a preview for the MAFS Reunion special Derek drops a bomb; “Katie told me she had an affair.”



Did YOU watch Married At First Sight season 10??? Were you surprised by who stayed together on Decision Day???

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