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Beautiful people, we survived another stressful week in Coronaville where we ate (and ate and ate), got drunk before 4 pm, plotted on acquiring more wine (from somewhere, anywhere), found decent substitutes for toilet paper, randomly slid into DMs, finally completed a project we started years ago and blew through the $1,200 stimulus money that hit this week.

At this point, you’ve probably spent countless hours on the internet and either love or absolutely HATE TikTok–the wildly popular social media obsession responsible for the funniest, wildest, craziest, most relatable and creative videos on social media that we compiled for your Thursday cackles.

Hit the flip for another round of wild, crazy and HILARIOUS TikTok videos.

“Carole Baskin when Joe got locked up” – she was gettin’ it – this belongs in the TikTok Hall of Fame

“This how different sororities make you a plate” – this…is accurate

“Welp… I’ll meet yall in hell” – we’ll neither confirm nor deny if we laughed or not

This is wayyyy too accurate

“best one I’ve seen yet” – the streets needed this TikTok

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“This Week on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” – this is perfect

“The dog’s reaction is the best” – we love this dog!

“Y’all go watch my one and only tik tok” – we watched and it’s amazing

The production value of these TikToks gets better (and better) by the week

“This is so ACCURATE…I’m SCREAMING” – sooooo accurate

“Choosing your quarantine character” – this is amazing

“This family on TikTok is having a Quarantine Olympics and I’m hysterical and the creativity” – this is next-level boredom

“LeBron kids: “Daddy we don’t feel like making tik toks today”

LeBron:” – Bron Bron don’t play about his TikToks


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