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When The Bodega Hive says “the brand is strong,” this is exactly the type of big moves they’re talking about.

On Thursday night, former Vice President Joe Biden called into Desus & Mero to talk about his campaign for President of the United States. During the interview, they talk about facing Donald Trump in the general election, the current administration’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic, earning Barack Obama’s official endorsement, and he also makes his case to voters who might still be skeptical of his candidacy.

Even though this is undoubtedly a huge moment for the late night show, a lot of fans were incredibly upset by the announcement that Biden would be on their platform. It’s no secret that a majority of Desus and Mero’s fanbase is both very liberal and super internet-savvy, which–a lot of times–translates itself into being Bernie Sanders supporters.

The second they announced their latest guest, the disappointed comments rolled in on Twitter.

The mainstream media played a huge role in making a lot of voters feel like Biden had a way better chance of winning against Trump than Bernie, so to see the Bodega Boys using their platform to help Joe rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Especially having had Sanders on their show before, a big chunk of their fanbase simply doesn’t like the idea of Desus and Mero chopping it up with Joe Biden and, just like every other liberal media outlet, not even addressing the sexual assault allegations against him.

Check out Desus and Mero’s interview with Joe Biden to see for yourself down below:




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