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Tamar Braxton is enjoying her quarantine with her “snackable sweetie” and getting fan questions answered while keeping things ALL the way real. The songstress had another edition of her “Coupled & Quarantined” show on her YouTube channel, this time with special guest OBGYN/“Married To Medicine” star Dr. Jackie Walters and her husband Curtis.

Tamar encouraged fans to join in and ask “Coochie Quarantined Questions” and they did, with one aksing Dr. Jackie about pelvic pain after giving birth. Tamar’s boo David Adefeso was on hand an especially happy to be by his lady’s side, at one point talking being a father-figure for her son Logan, 6, and adding that he and Tamar’s relationship has been a blast.

“If you told me this two years ago that I’d be having this much fun, I’d be blown away,” said David.

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Things got especially interesting during the chat that was filled with laughs when a caller asked for advice about achieving orgasms. The woman revealed that she’s never had an orgasm with a partner and Tamar empathized with that. Tamar also noted that she previously struggled to have sex while sober and used alcohol and marijuana prior to her experiences.

Tamar: “I’m just being 100% transparent for five minutes, I remember having that same issue but until…”

David: “You met David…”

Tamar: “Until I decided to get down to the issues that I was personally having…I use to feel like I could not have sober sex. I used to feel that I had to be three, four, nine shots in, I had to smoke on somebody’s [vape] pen and for me, that was a part of the escape until I had to deal with the things that were going on inside me.”

She also added that she was a “great actress” during her sexual experiences but never fully enjoyed them, that is until she dealt with her “personal issues.”

Tamar: “I never really understood or really engaged or enjoyed my sexual experiences although I had them—listen, I was a great actress. I had them but I didn’t enjoy them until I dealt with the things that were going on on the inside of me. Everybody who’s ashamed with dealing with your personal issues first, it is okay. You deal with your personal issues and you’re better for your next relationship. You understand your spouse, you understand your situations and you understand where they’re coming from too.”

Now mind you, several fans hopped in the comments section to accuse Tamar of shading her ex-husband Vince who she filed for divorce from in 2017. Their divorce was finalized in 2019. Instead, she noted that abuse and molestation are what kept her from orgasming during sex. Tamar previously revealed that she was abused on “Iyanla Fix My Life.”

Tamar: “No, it wasn’t about Vince. I was sexually molested and abused for most of my youth and THAT’s what I’m talking about. You have to deal with the issues that you don’t want to deal with and THAT’s what I mean. It has to be a blockage, there has to be a blockage somewhere. You have to deal with the blockage to elevate.”


Shoutout to Tamar for not only clearing that up but being vulnerable enough to share.


What do YOU think about Tamar’s sober sex comments??? Have YOU previously had mental struggles that hindered you from enjoying your sex life?



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