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This season of “T.I. & Tiny’s Friends & Family Hustle” is definitely expected to be more off the cuff than ever. We caught up with Zonnique to talk about her music career, relationship with rapper Bandhunta Izzy and of course all the drama that plays out this season on her family’s show.

BOSSIP: How has your quarantine been going? Are you sheltering at home alone or with your boyfriend?

Zonnique: Me and Izzy are quarantining together. Thank God, I’d be so bored without him.

BOSSIP: Speaking of Bandhunta Izzy, he recently released his EP ‘Invite Only’ and you guys have a song together on there. What’s it like working with your boyfriend, have you learned anything from watching your parents?

Zonnique: This relationship is my most mature relationship. My other relationships have lasted a long time, but I’ve never been comfortable to share my talents with any of my boyfriends before. Even when Izzy and I first started dating he was like, ‘You don’t ever want me to hear your music. You don’t ask me to come to the studio with you.’ And I never had done that before. My mom is the same way. She doesn’t like people to coming to her sessions and stuff either, but Izzy is not going to let me stay in my comfort zone, he’s always going to try and pull me out of it so working with him has definitely taught me a lot, it’s definitely helped me to write faster.

BOSSIP: How long have you been together now?

Zonnique: I have been dating Izzy for a year and some change. I’ve always been in long term relationships so it feels like not a lot of time but he was like ‘That’s a long time.’

BOSSIP: This season seems like nothing was off limits, how was that for you?

Zonnique: Honestly with this season I was proud of everyone agreeing to be vulnerable, where maybe before we would have been like, ‘Hey cut that out, I don’t want the world to see that.’ We were pretty much in agreement that we’ve been on TV forever, pretty much everyone knows our lives already, we should just give them the real. I don’t think anything was too sensitive because I like when people get to see how we handle things in our family.

BOSSIP: The premiere episode featured your brother Major really marching to the beat of his own drum, but it seems like in your family everyone is able to do their own thing. Would you agree?

Zonnique: I’ve been thinking this season Major really hasn’t wanted to film. Back in the day, when he was a little kid, you would see him all the time. He doesn’t really care about being on TV like that. He’s always himself and he doesn’t care how anybody feels. Major is kind of me all over. He’s not with anything. He just wants to be a normal kid.

BOSSIP: Deyjah recently posted a YouTube video and Reginae has a YouTube account as well, are you interested in vlogging as well?

Zonnique: I definitely would like to vlog. A lot of my fans ask me to vlog because they watch my lives and swear I’m funny. I never thought I was a funny person but they’ve asked me to start a YouTube and I probably should, but I am a private person, so I can’t really see myself holding a camera like ‘Oh today this is what’s going on…’ I’m really a living in the moment type of person, but I have thought about making a YouTube. I will probably do it, but around a certain time when I have some good surprises coming everybody’s way.

BOSSIP: What did you think about Deyjah’s post bout mental health?

Zonnique: I didn’t watch the actual video, but I talked to her a lot about it before she shot it. She came to my house and shot half of the video here. I’m definitely really proud of her because Deyjah is an extremely shy person. People don’t really know Deyjah like they think they know Deyjah so I’m really proud of her stepping out and getting into stuff that she’s really wanted to do. She’s been wanting to do a YouTube and talk about stuff that she really cares about.

BOSSIP: When should we expect new music from you?

Zonnique: I have two new singles coming out. I was just going to put out one, but I posted this clip of this song I was never going to put out on my Instagram and now everybody wants me to drop it, so close to when I’m talking about it on the show — then the two songs will be coming out a few days before the episode. I’m also going to release two new videos as soon as I get out of quarantine.

BOSSIP: What’s the first thing you’re going to do when they end the quarantine?

Zonnique: Go to the gym because that’s one of my favorite things to do is get up and go to the gym. Also I’m just learning how to cook now that I’m in quarantine. It’s really kind of sad that I’m 24 and I’m just now learning how to cook but because I have, I’ve been eating a lot and I feel like I’ve been gaining a lot of weight.

A brand new episode of “T.I. & Tiny’s Friends & Family Hustle” airs at 9pm on VH1



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