The History Of Prince And Michael Jackson's Secret Feud

Prince Died Four Years Ago Today So Let’s Look Back At The Pettiest Moments From His Feud With Michael Jackson

- By Bossip Staff

When brought Michael Jackson to a Prince show in 2006, Prince put his junk and his bass in MJ’s face and let him have the business.

So Will arranged it for Michael to be a guest in the audience at Prince’s show. No one knew it really, but Prince knew it. There was a point during the show where Prince was playing bass and he came out into the audience with this giant bass—he knew where Michael was sitting—and he walked right up to Michael and started playing bass in Michael’s face. Like aggressive slap bass. The next morning, Will went over to Michael’s house for breakfast, and they’re talking about Prince and the show. And then Michael goes, ‘Will, why do you think Prince was playing bass in my face?’ Michael was outraged. And then started going on. ‘Prince has always been a meanie. He’s just a big meanie. He’s always been not nice to me. Everybody says Prince is this great legendary Renaissance man and I’m just a song-and-dance man, but I wrote “Billie Jean” and I wrote “We Are the World” and I’m a songwriter too.’ All this disrespect for Prince came out from Michael that morning. One day, I hope Prince sits down and tells the truth about everything between him and Michael. Before I die, I want to know what the full deal was between the two of them.”



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