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Once you upset the Barbz, there’s no going back–and that’s exactly what happened to Doja Cat recently.

During a recent (socially distant) interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, the rapper explained how a miscommunication got twisted by Nicki Minaj’s very loyal fans to make it seem like Doja Cat hates the entire fan base. According to the “Say So” rapper, it all started when she jumped in to defend a man who was being attacked by Nicki stans over a simple piece of fan art.

“He saw this art that someone drew of me, Nicki and Meg, in that order. So Nicki was in the middle and it was a Rolling Stone cover, but Nicki was in the middle, rightfully so. Meg was on the right and I was on the left and this guy commented, ‘I’d like to see Doja in the middle,'” she explained during the interview. “And then someone commented back to him, ‘Gosh, men. Men these days, they’re so messy. They just want problems all the time.’ And I saw that comment and I was like, ‘God, you have to bring like someone’s gender into stuff and that’s what makes you look stupid.'”

After that, the man and the Barbz continued to argue with one another over the picture, with him reiterating that he has nothing against Nicki Minaj, he simply wanted to see Doja Cat in the middle of the photo. That’s when Doja Cat urged the man to stop replying to the Barbz.

“So then I come in and I say, ‘Dude, stop responding to these people. They’re scum. They’re so awful. Stop talking to them. They have nothing good to say to you or anybody else,'” Doja explained.

This heated reply is what got twisted into people assuming that Doja Cat hates the Barbz, which, of course, means she must not like Nicki Minaj. At that point, there was no going back, and Nicki fans started to repeatedly tweet the hashtag #dojacatisoverparty as retaliation. 

Check out Doja Cat’s interview with Zane Lowe for yourself down below:


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