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Nicki Minaj

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Nicki Minaj Tops Cardi B

The annual Forbes Hip-Hop list dropped this week and we got a glimpse of who the game’s top earners are. While it was interesting to see that Kanye West was holding on to the top spot, the big story that has everyone talking is the women’s placements.

Nicki Minaj, according to Forbes, is one spot higher than Cardi B. Remember when this was supposed to be Nicki’s down year? Well, that’s over. Of course, the news had Cardi reacting, saying the numbers were fake. Is she telling the truth or is this just sour grapes?

Whatever the case, the Barbz are celebrating and DRAGGING Cardi. A full war is breaking out. Take a look…

“Cardi talking about Forbes numbers are off… girlllll so that mean Nicki numbers are off too? becauseeeee likeeeee I don’t even know why these girls even bother at this point LIKEEEEEEE I WINNNNN YOU LOSE HAHAHAHAHA *Nicki Voice 😂😂😂😂”

“Nicki making more money than Cardi rn? Somebody lying at Forbes lmao. That Money record started poppin late January. She had that record with 21 and Khaled, that city girls record, plus her festival money? Her endorsements from the super bowl and more? What Nicki got.. Megatron?”

“Meek, Cardi and them all sick knowin Nicki made more in a year bein lowkey and bein blacklisted than they did gettin spotlight 🥴🥴😂 Forbes ain’t ever been inaccurate, now all of a sudden the numbers wrong.”

“That’s with Nicki doing half the endorsements, half the Collabs and a quarter of the concerts cardi did. I think we really know who the queens is here.”

“Cardi has a 360 deal. Atlantic gets the majority of that money. Nicki gets to keep her endorsements and tour money. Forbes list runs from June to June. 🌚 Nicki “Flop Year” Outsold”

“yall say nicki is bitter, but as soon as something involves nicki, like the forbes list, Cardi come outta nowhere to say something. lmao”

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“Bardi and her whole gang are shaking because they know her time is over lol. Awuh. Let’s talk again next year when Nicki is on the Forbes list and Cardi isn’t :)”

“nicki made 29m with in a year and dont forget to mention that its her 9th year since she debuted on the forbes list! on her alleged “flop era” she still outsold cardi who is on her peak rn! how appaling!”

“Are you dumb? Cardi hasn’t “toured” Nicki did. So imagine Cardi is only 1 mill below her without a Tour, glad to know you still think this is her prime! Just wait on it pooh🤣”


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