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The Versuz battles are taking over the Internet and giving us something truly incredible to enjoy while we are locked away in our homes. They’ve provided remarkable music, unbelievable face-offs and some true comedy.

We’ve seen Teddy Riley become a viral sensation. We saw Pettyface. We saw Lil Jon and T-Pain. RZA and DJ Premier. And everyone in between. This has every music star out there wanting to jump in the fray and show off their top 20 tracks.

One such person is French Montana who wants in but you won’t believe who he wants to battle.



Everyone thought he was delusional. Even Young Thug hopped in with jokes.

This all prompted French to be trending and getting clowned and dragged to absolute here for his confidence.

Hit the flip to see the funniest tweets about French’s hopes and dreams.

“• 0 No. 1s
• 2 Top 10 Hits
• 17 Chart Entries

Kendrick Lamar Hot 100:

• 2 No. 1s
• 8 Top 10 Hits
• 48 Chart Entries


French: 4 Gold, 9 Platinum
Kendrick: 15 Gold, 24 Platinum


French really should have thought this through because the slander came hot and heavy. Memes, Gifs, videos and everything. This was the basis of it for the whole day.


French Montana: I Got more hits than Kendrick


There are some people who actually had French’s side. They’re entitled to their opinions and we respect it. No back to the slander.

“I was gonna drag French Montana but then realized at this moment I’d rather listen to “Pop That” than To Pimp A Butterfly”

Whe even possessed French to go this route? There are a million artists out there he can challenge. Why Kendrick? What is going on here? Is it crack?

Absolutely not a single person:
French Montana: I could go Hit vs Hit with Kendrick Lamar”

Whoop. This is quite the drag. Do features count? If so, that might help French some.

“the audacity of french montana to say he has more hits than kendrick when no one even listens to french montana songs for french montana, all of his songs are carried by his features”

This was a throwback clowning that had people laughing when it happened. Bringing this back already got Kendrick winning.

“Never forget Diddy editing French Montana out of a picture and you know what? He was right to do it.”

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Remember Bron and Stevenson when the lesser man tried to challenge the King? Welp. This is really part of it.

“Kendrick vs French Montana”

French may have some hits but he’s not no Hannah. Matter of fact, Hannah vs. Kendrick might be a better challenge and more entertaining overall situation.

“French Montana isn’t even the Montana with the most hits.”

Lmao. Man, French isn’t that bad. This is all messed up. We tell you this, nobody is saying this about Kendrick so we’ll give you that.

“Every time I hear French Montana come on a track”

This is just getting mean. However. To be fair. French fries are freaking delicious. That’s not a fair fight.

“French Fries > French Montana”


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