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Last night’s legendary Verzuz re-do between tech-allergic Teddy Riley and buttery smooth Babyface was a Cool Water-scented affair that attracted 500K music lovers, game-changers and legends for an unforgettable night of auntie jams, bluetooth bangers and taupe turtleneck classics.

It only took hourssss of endless slander and memes to get Teddy to drop the extra shenanigans and his 77-person entourage in favor of a more intimate setup that made the experience wayyyy more enjoyable this time around.

Now, you already know there were struggles with modern technology and Instagram Live but Teddy & ‘Face powered through to bless the people with timeless classic after classic during the most deliciously nostalgic Verzuz thus far.

Peep the absolute FUNNIEST (and PETTIEST) reactions to Teddy Riley & Babyface’s Verzuz re-do on the flip.

“When she start takin her panties off on FaceTime” – no one predicted that we’d have hilarious Babyface and Teddy Riley memes in 2020.

“WHO?!” – we went from “throw in the tile” to “Luther Vandals” in 1 day and it’s hilarious

“I AM CRYING AT TEDDY DAUGHTER COMMENT” – Nia was FED UP with her daddy’s old n*** shenanigans

“Nelly really wanted some Jon B lmaooo” – who knew Nelly was the ultimate Jon B. No, seriously, WHY ARE WE JUST DISCOVERING THIS???

“Every time I look and see Teddy” – there’s no greater war than the one between uncles and modern technology

“Tyrese!” – Ty knew we were waiting for the sequel to “throw in the tile”

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“Boyz II Men wrote all their songs laying on their stomachs with their feet in the air.” – this is almost too accurate

“LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” – getting slandered for 24 hours straight with have you proofreading Instagram comements

“Babyface: Imma do my white song

The 3 white people in the live:” – one of the funniest moments of the night. Those checks definitely hit different

“My internet works fine” – we had no idea Babyface was so deliciously shady

“Come on Teddy!” – he had everybody questioning our own internet connection

“Lmaoooo okay @Tyrese” – Babyface & Teddy were responsible for sooooo manyyyy unplanned pregnancies during the golden R&B era

“Teddy in the comments with us, trying to get back in” – Teddy vs. Technology was the heavyweight fight we didn’t know we needed

“If “This gonna f*ck em up” had a face:” – once ‘Face touched that guitar it was a wrap

“Man I don’t want all of that smoke” – Teddy pretending not to see Babyface requesting to join the Live was real-life hilarious

““Can We Talk” is a song about stalking but it works every time.” – a true gem that shifted the culture

“Skai is 8 years old why she lying” – bless her lil heart

“babyface: “i like that song…reminds of the time jesus came to my birthday party and turned water into know what wine he made??…. *plays track*” – ‘Face’s intros were immaculate

“Ok…no one is moving so we’re watching FROZEN 3?” – who knew Toni was so hilarious


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