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WELP, it FINALLY happened: Trey Songz revealed his beautifully wholesome baby mama (who fans believe is Dave East’s baby mama’s sister) in a warm and fuzzy Instagram post where he showered her with love while celebrating his adorable son Noah’s first birthday.

“I’m obsessed; we did that, YOU did that! You’re a great Mother and you deal with all the extra’s very gracefully. I’ll always be eternally grateful to you Noah’s Mumma,” Trey gushed in the caption.

At no point during his panty-melting, girlfriend-stealing career did we see Trey the family man coming but his Hallmark card-worthy photoshoot straight out of a JCPenney catalog was an unexpected plot twist that sent his fans into a hilarious frenzy.

Peep the Twitter hysteria over Trey’s baby mama reveal on the flip.

“They look like my college classmates on FB. Cute.” – we never thought we’d see Trey look so ‘regular blue collar family man who brings a lunch pale to work’-ish

“I wonder if Trey Songz baby mama was like “wow I’m having unprotected sex with trey song, how cool” – there’s no doubt in my mind she was

“Trey Songz baby mama omg” – LOOK AT THE PHOTOSHOP. Trey fans are wilddddddd

“Trey Songz baby momma is beautiful! But that family portrait look like he took a pic with a fan” – she definitely looks like a fan who bumped into him on her way home from Bible study

“Trey Songz babymother is beautiful! She looks like the average pretty girl with natural hair, I was definitely expecting a ig model prototype girl. refreshing to see.” – the average pretty girls are sooooo unappreciated

“stop hitting me up I know Trey Songz posted his baby momma . We had a long talk about it the other night, it’s for the kids.” – we’re glad he was mature enough to communicate this

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“Woooooooow I forgot trey songz had a baby on me” – you and millions of other distraught women

“Been staring at Trey Songz average AF baby mama for 7 minutes straight. Trying to figure out why her and not me….” – she probably wasn’t on Twitter tweeting like you

“Why is everyone calling Trey Songz baby mama ‘regular looking’ thats a bad b*tch in a ‘regular’ T- Shirt!” – hmmm must be two definitions of bad bish



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