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Back at it again with another life-saving compilation of hilarious tweets and memes that got us through the last week of April quarantine while overshadowing endless waves of triggering COVID updates.

At this point, we’re either stressed tf out, tired of cooking the same 3 things over and over again, perfecting twerk techniques for Tory Lanez’s Quarantine Radio, going live with friends while looking like raggedy cave-dwellers, arguing with our quarantine bae, planning outfits for later this year, struggling to make a “homemade” mask or plotting on sneaking out for a haircut, mani or pedi during the most uncertain era in recent history.

Hit the flip for MORE hilarious tweets/memes that got us through the week.

“Me acting frozen on the phone when I don’t want to talk anymore #TeddyRileyvBabyface” – making excuses to get off the phone is wayyyy harder than it used to be

“COVID-19 hearing some States are opening public businesses as early as Friday.” – people couldn’t wait to hit the streets during a pandemic

“Tyrese said “throw in the tile!” This why we cyber bully him!” – Ty-Ty with another instant classic

“The way that Quarantine has turned Kylie Jenner back into a white girl” – reset her back to the factory settings

“Black people know.” – if you know, you know

“They was drinking and doing lines but not me” – this is a shockingly real photo that will haunt us forever

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“Jordan takes his eyeballs out at night and soaks them in crown royal. That’s the only explanation” – we accept this explanation

“Went thru my son Ipad this morning” – it’s getting real out here

“Airlines sending me “we’re in this together” emails. When my suitcase was 52 pounds I was on my own.” – you see how they do!

“First day back in the nail salon smelling all that acrylic lmao” – we hope that day is in 2020

“Lmaooo she knew she could have did that interview over the phone” – an interview that could’ve been a FaceTime

“2020 is upsetting me, and my homegirl, cuz we feel like… well damn, if you can’t go outside, where the hell could you go?” – back to the living room (AGAIN)

“imma just name anything cuz the gunman prolly don’t know one either” – French had no idea he’d be dragged like this when he challenged Kendrick

“A slightly more optimistic meme today!” – MiMi’s tweets are getting us through this pandemic



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