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Check out the promo trailer for the Jackson’s reality show which debuts on A&E this Sunday at 9PM.


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  • KeepNit2Real

    Jermaine Jackson, the REAL claymation doll! Coming to a Toys-R-Us near you!

  • Leah

    dang every body makin a reality show

  • Sergio / Straight from Angola


  • DamnClown

    thats show just looks tacky

  • Nique

    LOL @ these fools thinking they are what made the Jacksons! Without MJ they are just an older version of B5…


  • pynk♥{sugar}

    Michael must me rolling over in his grave. What a shame…

  • pynk♥{sugar}


  • Seriously...

    *DIES*@ B5

  • Kierah

    They had this planned before Michael passed away. They got billz and let’s face it – nobody here is paying to see those jokers in a concert.

  • ms truth

    this is one run down family. everyone is as fake as their noses. who cares about these washed up people. a mess!!

  • bacchus

    Where’s Randy?

  • divafan

    where is Randy? he come in after Jermaine left the group.

  • http://aol ebonieladi

    Just because you didn’t see them together doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Michael and his family spent time together at many family events. If you know anything about the Jacksons you would know this. Who was by Michael’s side during his trial? His whole family, when nobody else was backing him up. Don’t be influenced by sound bites, they were a family. Michael’s fame kept him busy and away a lot of the time, but when something went down with his family, he was there and all of his family members have talked about that.

  • HaHaHaTooFunny

    This is so tacky, The Jacksons have always been an reserved family why they are stooping to the “I have a reality show” level is beyond me, I bet Michael is looking down at them like “what in thee hell”. That ain’t nobody doing but Joe’s.

  • MizASterling

    They claim that this was in the works before Michael’s death, but I think that this is just too convenient.

    Why didn’t we see or hear anything? There are usually ADs and commercials and what not in advance. Like someone’s camp leaks the story line or some mess like that.

    Why are we only seeing promotion for this now? Unless there is some kind of cameo from Michael in at LEAST the first episode, I vote h e l l no, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

  • WordtotheWise

    Like ebonieladi said this will probably be much better than the other reality garbage people tune into. I will definitely check this out. I grew up w/the J5, so this should be good.

    However, it does appear that once Mike died, they felt like, “Now it’s time for us to get our shine.” Just a thought.

    Funny, I saw Jackie Jackson and his wife at the California Pizza Kitchen in the San Fernando Valley and no one paid him any attention. Hmmmm.

  • Trenchee

    @Caramel Cat………..I agree. SMH too.

  • juju


  • juju


  • Somali Ninga

    I hope 3T are in some of the episodes!!!!

  • Screwed Priorities

    Of all networks to put a show on, why A&E?
    This show will be off the air before it gets started well.

  • POLO

    I hope this show is an epic fail. Micheal’s brothers are the pure meaning of the word parasite.

  • CCGroovy

    O…………………………………….. M…………………………………….. G……………………………………..!!!

  • Southernbreed

    Tito has his own money, he has a jazz band that plays at the house of blues and he manages his sons, 3T. 3T may not be big here but, they are in Europe.
    Does anybody know anything about the music business? The Jacksons get royalties and they get paid when their songs are used for commercials. How many times have we seen commercials that had one of their songs on it, just recently before Mike passed they had the commercial with “I’ll Be There”. People still buy Jackson 5 and Jacksons records, my aunt bought The Jacksons “Truimph” album in May.
    Mike paid his brothers to perform with him at his 30th Anniversary in 2001. They have money, just not Michael Jackson money but, they have money. Marlon has a television network in Atlanta.

  • thesoselphish1

    Give it a rest already

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