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Another day, another bit of messy fallout from the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion. As previously reported NeNe Leakes and Yovanna “the snake” from CAU have been battling on social media after things apparently got heated during the virtual RHOA Reunion.

After NeNe released text messages to prove that Yovanna LIED about that #SnakeGate audio recording of Cynthia, Yovanna’s firing back. NeNe’s still alleging that Yovanna did indeed record Cynthia and she has the texts to prove it—but Yovanna’s telling LoveBScott that that’s a lie. The recording simply does not exist, says Yovanna, and those text messages actually prove her point.

You can see the texts in question below.


“I want to first address these text messages that were posted,” said Yovanna. “That, right there, only proves further what I stated at the reunion and what was in your article.

The time when NeNe got up and didn’t return is when I got there. She should’ve plead her case when she was paid to. She ran at the reunion. She tried time and time again to prevent me from speaking my truth on this whole situation. What you’re seeing is her attempt to manipulate people’s minds before the reunion aired.”

She also questioned why it took NeNe so long to release the alleged receipts.

Those text messages further prove exactly what I said at the reunion. I talk about that at the reunion. It will all be explained. The thing about it is, these receipts that she’s furnishing now — why didn’t she have these two days ago? She has so much to say — why didn’t she come with this days ago? It took 48 hours to finally come up with something. It’s to manipulate the viewers mind before the truth really comes out.”

According to Yovanna, she feels she’s been “used” by NeNe and wanted to come to the virtual RHOA Reunion to take accountability.

“I showed up at the reunion to take accountability for my part in SnakeGate and the whole situation. She wasn’t woman enough to take accountability for her part. I said it, and I’ll say it again — the homeowner was not at home at the house they built. Period. The friend of the show ran you off? Out of your own house? Has that ever happened?”

This is a mess.

In case you’re curious, NeNe’s got her own side to this story (of course) and she’s breaking it all down on YouTube.

On NeNe’s “Life of NeNe” YouTube Channel, NeNe told her followers that some shenanigans were afoot ahead of the virtual reunion. She first noted that she wore black to the reunion but changed after noticing that all the other ladies were wearing white and hinted that she felt set up to look like a “black sheep.”

“NeNe this was probaly something that was supposed to throw you off,” NeNe said to herself. “I’m thinking to myself, this is messed up. Is it it a coincident that six people got on white? And I was told to not wear white?”

She also wondered why Yovanna was asked to be part of the reunion when others highlighted on the show including Tanya Sam’s fiance Paul Judge and the so-called “cookie lady” weren’t asked to participate.

“Let’s be fair why isn’t the cookie lady here? Why didn’t you bring Paul and Tanya to confront Kenya over the cookie lady???”

NeNe also said she and several other people met with Yovanna’s husband at a local ATL hotel and he advised his wife not to release it.


We can’t wait to see all this drama go down.

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” season 12 reunion airs May 10 at 8pm on Bravo.



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