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This week of Love & Hip-Hop continued the unlikely love triangle between Cheyenne and Kiyomi. They’re still, for some reason, fighting over Shooter. Kiyomi made it clear that she knew exactly what was going on with Cheyenne and Shooter because of their open relationship, but Cheyenne didn’t know. So who exactly is the side piece here and who exactly is the main chick?

Meanwhile Erica and Safaree are present for, well, we’re not sure why they’re there. They’re still in the mix for ratings probably. Good call as they get the people going.

Meanwhile in other news, Shekinah and Spice reconciled after their nasty fight last week. Sierra also learns that BK was out there in the streets with another woman maybe.

It was all a big old mess just like we love it.

Twitter had a blast with the dragging. Hit the flip to see it all…

“Scrapp talking bout don’t cry over these n****, they not worth it… SCRAPPP YOU ONE OF THESE N***** THO!!!!!”

“Why are Safaree and Erica on here, damn didn’t we just see y’all a month ago”

“Wait… Cheyenne has a Porsche and a career…. but Kiyomi , the one with no career and in an open relationship, has the nerve to call her basic? This dont even go together. “

” If Kiyomi knew about Cheyenne but Cheyenne didn’t know about Kiyomi… who’s the real side chick?”

“Kiyomi, girl being in an open relationship is not a badge of honor Lmfaoo a man not wanting to commit to ONLY YOU isn’t shit to boast about “

“Kiyomi talking about I’ll never let her see me sweat… yet she over here looking quite drenched to me”

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“Wait, so sis was talking about how Cheyenne is a realtor, but what does elevator girl do?”

“Its soo crazy to me how the Kirk’s and Shooter’s of the world with 400 kids and 7 baby mamas ALWAYS got chicks willing to fight over them…and I”

“Erica & Safaree are defo made for each other. Jumping from one reality show to the next like the attention seekers they are”

“First Cheyenne was pretty. Too pretty to be acting up over Shooter. Now when Kiyomi figures out there is more to the story than Shooter is telling, Cheyenne is ugly & basic. Which one is it”


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