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Diddy Host The Gold Room

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Diddy and longtime friend Kenny Burns appear to have hit the skids last night over a disagreement about voting. Specifically, voting for Joe Biden.

The Bad Boy boss took to Instagram yesterday to post a video with the caption: “Attention to all … THE BLACK VOTE WILL NOT BE FREE THIS YEAR.”

In the clip, Sean Combs is talking to Naomi Campbell and tells her that he is holding the Black vote hostage until Joe Biden meets an ambiguous list of demands and adopts a Black agenda. Essentially, it sounds like Diddy is no longer #VoteOrDie, he’s #VoteIfOlBoyMakesPromises.

Diddy’s position certain got its fair share of “hell yeahs” from the commenters, there was also a strong sentiment of disagreement and repudiation of Puffy’s political policy.

One of those in staunch opposition to Diddy’s line of thinking is the aforementioned Kenny Burns. Diddy took Kenny’s vehement disagreement VERY personally. Peep what happened next…

We’re not sure which part of Kenny’s reply Puff found so disrespectful but it doesn’t read like malice to us. If you can’t disagree with someone you call a friend then was that person really your friend?

Where do you stand on this issue? Do you agree with Diddy? Will you refuse to vote if you don’t hear a favorable Black agenda from Joe Biden or are you “vote blue no matter who”?


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