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There’s a crisis going on in the world of culture vulture-y White women. The crisis is the fact that white women who have gone around posing as darker women no longer have their tanning booths to help them keep up the charade. We saw this when candids of Kylie Jenner popped up showing her in all her white quarantined glory.

Kim is apparently feeling the same pale problems as she posted a makeup video n IG and asked everyone to forgive her “pale hands.” Uh. There’s just one problem. Her hands aren’t “pale.” They’re white. You know what else is white? All of Kim Kardashian.

The internet has all sorts of jokes at Kim for this comment.

Did she forget? Is she pretending? Whatever the case, the reactions are priceless. Take a look.

The reply tweet to this is golden:

“I see a black queen being choked out by a white woman who is out of frame thats the real issue”

“It’s kinda upsetting how Kim k has to apologize for her pale hand.

*looks into the camera with years of internalized racism due to own family members and culture telling me I’m too dark*”

It’s not just Kim that has this issue. Kylie has definitely struggled with the white hand syndrome.

“Your hand isn’t pale
.. it’s the color your FACE should be too”

“And these are still your idols?
They’ve culturally appropriated through their uterus’ and still aren’t comfortable in their own skin.
We’re not judging you for your pale hand, we’re judging you for blackfishing
don’t think we forgot about that Diana Ross cover ok”

“the pale hand is how u look without the tan and make up.Suck it up bby”

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“Forgive me for the color of my hand, the skin color I was born with.” — Kim K.

your hand isn’t pale, it’s your face that’s too brown/orange… and yes, we will judge you for that. STOP BLAVKFISHING.”

“Don’t judge me for my actual skin color”


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