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We’re not sure WTF is going on but over the past couple of weeks a LOT of Black men have been killed by white cops and white men playing cop.

Yesterday, a Black man named Sean Reed was fatally shot by Indianapolis Police following a chase that he was filming on Facebook Live. According to USAToday, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Assistant Chief Chris Bailey says that officers in unmarked vehicles witnessed Sean’s car driving recklessly on Interstate 65. When marked police cars arrived Sean began to speed away at speeds over 90 mph as recounted in the police report.

After believing he has lost the police (they were instructed to stand down because of how fast Sean was allegedly driving) you can see a disoriented Sean say:

“What street is this? I’m going to park this (expletive) and get the (expletive) out,” he says. “At 62nd and Michigan, somebody come get my stupid (expletive)!”

He goes on: “Please come get me. Please come get me!”

At some point, Reed parked his car and began to run on-foot when he ran into an officer and a confrontation ensued. There appears to be a lack of clarity about exactly what happened but the officer in pursuit did deploy his taser. The unidentified officer called in the shooting and police say his story is that he and Sean Reed exchanged gunfire. The cop was uninjured but Sean lay dead. The officer was a Black man.

The video is a bit unclear at this point but you can hear Sean talking to someone off-camera and then…

About 11 seconds go by when there is more inaudible shouting. Then there’s at least one, maybe two, pops. The man appears to either drop his phone, or collapse, or both. He says a cuss word. As the camera points up toward the blue sky, the sounds of more than a dozen other pops ring out.

Haunting. 4,000 people watched Sean Reed’s last living minutes on the internet in real-time. What you hear next is even more macabre, it appears to be police officers talking about the incident although that is not 100% confirmed.

A man says: “I think it’s going to be a closed casket, homie” – apparently referring to a closed casket funeral for the man who was just shot. It’s unclear who is speaking at this point.

Cops are saying a gun was “found near” Sean’s body but it has not been confirmed where exactly and whether or not Sean actually fired at the pursuant cop.



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